Covid-19 is a war. You want to win the war, then America has to open up and get back to business. That means that many more people are going to die. Most vulnerable are those over the age of 65. O’Reilly’s advice to this age group: stay home!

Bill O’Reilly

The governors of all states (according to O’Reilly) have to tell businesses they can open with logical regulations they must follow. 

Then you have to encourage senior citizens, those over 65, not to go out. It’s safer if you’re an older American to stay inside. I’m not saying you can’t go get some fresh air, you can. But it’s better if you don’t go to the restaurant for a little while. If you can get somebody to go to the grocery store for you, it’s better for you.

Kaiser Health News advises:

Assess risks. Of course, older adults should follow guidance from state and local health departments, as well as the federal government. But the advice varies widely, adding to people’s uncertainty.

“I don’t think it’s as simple as ‘Don’t go out’ for all older adults. Social contact is still really important,” Perissinotto said. “If you’re healthy and over 60, with prudence, hand hygiene and being aware of your surroundings, you should still be able to go about some activities,” such as taking a walk or visiting with a neighbor while maintaining a safe distance.

Leslie Kernisan, a San Francisco geriatrician, offered several concrete suggestions. If you’re going to the store, consider wearing cloth gloves, because viruses don’t survive as well on soft surfaces.

Try not to handle your smartphone when you’re out of the house. “A phone is a hard plastic surface that can easily get contaminated,” she said.

If you’re worried that older parents aren’t following rigorous enough precautions, don’t lecture them, Kernisan advises. Instead, ask how they’re feeling about the coronavirus. What do they know about it? What plans have they made?