My oldest daughter called me last night to tell me that her husband, my SIL, was just diagnosed with the coronavirus. He’s 42 years old, in good health and has had symptoms for a week now. His doctor, via TeleMed, told him to quarantine at home, take tylenol for the fever and the pain and wait five days. So, he took over his 5 year old daughters’ bedroom and is boarded up in her room. My own daughter and granddaughter are holed up in the rest of the 4 room apartment and all are waiting it out to see what will happen. They think my SIL caught the contagion from weekly grocery shopping, since that’s the only time he has left their apartment ever!

Odds are good that my SIL will recover but in the interim, I’m a nervous wreck. When this pandemic first hit I begged both my daughters and their respective families to get out of NYC and bundle up here in upstate NY in my home. Neither one of them would budge. They said they didn’t want to get me or Nick sick. Maybe so, but all of this has been nerve wracking nonetheless.

My other SIL, married to my younger daughter, had a gall bladder attack and actually underwent surgery AND stayed in a NYC hospital for several days three weeks ago! Plus, he caught an infection from the surgery and had to be rushed back (via ambulance, alone, since that’s the only available transportation at this time in NYC) for even more days at a NYC hospital. All while the pandemic is raging in NYC, the coronavirus center of the world! How I haven’t gone insane yet is beyond me!

Meanwhile, all of them could have been up here in the country air, free from contaminants, enjoying the fresh country air, eating healthy foods and both my granddaughters could have been playing outside daily vs being cooped up in those tiny NYC apartments.

Stupid, is beyond a word to understand.

All my neighbors have their families up with them. But no, not my adult kids! They like doing things the most difficult way. Oh well. I’ll keep you posted.

PLEASE NOTE: My SIL just got tested yesterday for the virus and it came back today NEGATIVE! He doesn’t have it. What a bunch of horrible days we just spent but thank the Lord, he’s fine! No more symptoms. No fever. No night sweats. He’s good!!!!!