If these current times have overwhelmed you; if you have been seeking solace; if you have been desiring some sense of peace and tranquility so that you can feel safe for at least a little while, you may have to DIY your own oasis. You can’t really go on a vacation right now. Nor can you travel to stay with your in-laws or immediate family. You just may have to find some place, some space in your home, your office, your car, or in your daily routine that will offer you some sort of diversion and take your mind off these current troubling times.

Your oasis first and foremost, must make you feel safe; as if no other can enter and harm you. Next, it is to be silent so that you can think, reason, meditate and ponder your life experiences clearly. It must be filled with happy things. Memories that only bring you pleasure and joy. The oasis must be free of any negativity. It is to be your ‘go-to’ refuge.

My oasis is a comfy chair out on my backyard deck. I installed an umbrella above my head to protect me from the sun while keeping me cool in the shade. I hung melodic wind chimes above my head which are very zen when there is a breeze. Instead of aiming the chair to look out over the natural landscape, I keep it focused on my home. I look out over my house and am constantly amazed at how we could live in such a small space! I keep marveling at the fact that we’ve managed to live smallish while still living as comfy and ample as possible. The roof is grey-black and looks exactly like the many Mansard-type rooftops I used to see in the many fashionable neighborhoods of Paris, France I used to walk along. (click here).

My Oasis

I surround myself with native plants on my deck. This year I transplanted two hostas from the front garden into two backyard containers. I like the fact that this cost me nothing. Hostas are perennials so I won’t need to bother with this next year either. The remaining containers are filled with baby spinach, baby arugula, basil and parsley, the perfect little kitchen garden! I am enjoying watching them grow.

This space is the perfect place in the morning to have my coffee. My breakfast. My lunch. Thee best thing to have out on my deck is a giant ice cream cone (or a frozen fruit bar when I’m dieting). I softly blast my Spotify playlist when I am out on the deck. Loud enough for me but low enough so that no one else can hear it. This is MY world. Not theirs.

My morning breakfast: Greek yogurt waffles, fresh strawberries, whipped creme, maple syrup

And yet, I don’t have to do any of the above. I can simply go out on my chair and just sit there and be. It’s extremely quiet. Oftentimes I only hear the birds chirping or if the wind is still and the trees do not rustle, I sometimes can hear a faint church bell striking the hour somewhere off in the distance. Each time I hear a bell toll, it is a special reminder that I need to thank God for this special spot that is free from any of the earth’s evil.

Find and make your own special oasis. In times like these, it is a necessity. Enjoy.

Rather than look out on the natural landscape, I face my house and thank God for my personal oasis, a shelter from the evils of the outside world.