My garden WAS doing great. Before I complain, I just want to say that I am almost 70 years old. I just can’t do everything myself anymore. Much as I want to. I can’t hire anyone either (too expensive). That’s why I put in raised flower beds rather than rent a rototiller or hire a person with a rototiller to carve out a garden for me. I can DIY raised beds myself.

Every once in a while, however, I have to rely on my dear, devoted, wonderful husband for help and assistance. Unfortunately, hubby only wants to do something when he feels like doing something. I knew I was supposed to put in deer/critter fencing around the veggie plantings. I couldn’t do it so I asked hubs. Hubby did one garden bed when I first planted and hasn’t been back ever since.

It was just a matter of time, right? Before the deer would get in to anything. I knew better but I just couldn’t do anything about it. I don’t have the strength nor the wherewithal. Period. Well, the deer destroyed my beautiful apple tree. This year is ruined. Maybe next year the apple tree will come back but at this point, I’m just too despondent to care. I knew I shouldn’t have started a veggie garden. We’ve been living here almost 19 years. I knew better. But I put one in anyway. I thought it would keep me busy during the pandemic.

The tomatoes I planted from seed didn’t transfer very well. For weeks, they just sat there NOT growing or changing. So, I bought already-started tomato plants and they haven’t grown either. They are still the same size as when I planted them three weeks ago. I looked closely at them and noticed the leaves had tiny holes. I had a bug infestation. I bought a people-friendly insecticide and sprayed them today. We’ll see what happens but it doesn’t look good. Ditto for the eggplants next to them. And the watermelons in the next raised square garden bed. They’re just sitting there. No growth whatsoever.

I called my BFF, who lives right down the road. Her husband is a professional farmer. I asked her if they planted any tomatoes suitable to make Italian Marinara sauce. Yes! she said! We have a whole row of San Maranzano tomatoes! I could have died and gone to Italy heaven. I placed an order with her for a bushel of these special tomatoes, as well as some Genovese Basil, Italian eggplants and some hot & sweet peppers (to make caponata, click here). At least our canning will go according to plan. I purchased 24 canning jars and I hope to fill them up with something!

Caponata-delish on toasted Italian bread

If there is ever a thing to make one self feel shitty about, it’s home gardening. That’s why I never did anything on this 3.5 acre parcel. The landscape follows its natural design. We haven’t done anything to it and now I remember why. It’s just too sad, disappointing, wasteful and too expensive. I see it as hundreds of dollars down the proverbial drain. We didn’t use our own dollars, thank goodness. We used the stimulus money instead. Nonetheless, it was still a waste of time, money and energy.

This is the last time I will plant any kind of garden. Next year, I may dismantle the raised beds. Hubby said he can use the top soil someplace else, so it won’t be wasted. In the interim, hubby did put up a deer fence around the already chewed up apple tree. Better late than never. I still have two unprotected veggie beds but I can’t ask hubby. He’s disgusted with the whole thing to begin with. Keeps mumbling about the hundreds of dollars I wasted.

Here’s an update:

Hubby did erect this tall fence around my now destroyed apple tree. Oh well. Better late than never. He left the hoof prints in as a reminder!