It’s a good thing I ordered Disney-Plus a few days ago. Disney is going to broadcast an original cast production of Hamilton on July 3rd. Rather than having spent over $500 for two NYC Broadway theater tickets, I only spent $6.99 for a one month subscription to the Disney + channel. It would have been a saving of $492.01 if I actually went to the Broadway production to see the original cast of the musical, Hamilton. But the odds of me spending money like that, regardless of how wonderful, fantastic, astounding or popular the theater production was, is of no avail to me. Obviously, waiting has its good points!

The other good thing about my paying $6.99 (it used to be $5.99) for the one month subscription is now that my husband is housebound, in quarantine and isolation, as he awaits the results of his Covid-19 testing, he has been parked on the living room couch, binge watching all-things-Star Wars, up to and including the latest chapters of The Mandalorian (click here). So, the expense hasn’t been a total loss. LOL!

Look closely. You will see my husband embedded in that couch, glued to the TV screen. Hint: Follow the hand on the remote control.

I guess all of us, when we get sick, are just children at heart. My husband’s temperature has been fluctuating between 100.1 and 98.6 (which the latter is the normal human temp but the fluctuations aren’t). We’ll get the results in 2 to 4 days. In the interim, I’m not enjoying the quarantine, the isolation and the ‘what-if’ nasty thoughts that have been creeping into my brain should my husband meet the same demise as my brother. (My brother contracted the coronavirus in March and died within a month).

Stay safe, my friend. Wear a mask, wash your hands often, social distance and stay home as much as possible. My hubby was out and about doing a bit too many errands IMHO. Let’s hope and pray he’s fine and dandy and we can continue onward with our retirements.