Maybe it’s just me. And then again, maybe it’s just not. I’ve been noticing more and more people flocking to master the art of frugal living. With so much uncertainty now floating in the world air, I don’t think people have much of a choice anymore. Money has got to be taken control of as well as spending and saving. Bare essentials are key. DIY is on the rise. Priorities have been re-assigned. There’s a whole new spreadsheet out there advising us on what’s important and what’s not. It’s called ‘survival’ in my book. It’s one that many more of us need to master. Quickly.

There may not be any charts of record showing the surge in Frugal Living, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I tend to look at frugal blogs/vlogs subscriber count. If it contains good content, the numbers are going up. Rapidly.

Take my favorite vlog: Live Simple. Live Free (click here). (formerly Tiny House Prepper) I was with them when they first started out (I think it was 3 years ago? Not sure.) and maybe they had a handful of subscribers. Now? YouTube just sent the happy couple (Bill and Elizabeth) a plaque celebrating their achieving 100K subscribers (which has since gone up even more to 116K and counting!!) I have to admit that at first I was a little hesitant about this couple but over the years, they have proved to be the real thing: frugal to the core!

I’ve been a long-time-frugalista. I think you have to hit rock bottom before you become interested in frugality. My introduction to frugal living came in a newsletter subscription ($12 per year) written in the mid 1990’s by The Frugal Zealot herself, Amy Dacyczyn (click here). America was in a deep recession at that time and I was in much need of having somebody show me a different kind of sustainable lifestyle than what my parents or then-husband was doing. Through Amy, I’ve learned to make my own pizza, still to this day! And to get out a calculator and figure the bottom lined pricing on almost anything you buy or do.

Frugality is such a way of my life that I hardly think about it anymore. It’s just automatic. Take this box of Olay Facial Scrubs. In it are 66 sheets to wash your face 66 times. I used one sheet and noticed immediately the sheet was too large for just a facial. I also noted that each sheet could be used twice instead of once. So, I got out my scissors and cut a sheet in half. It was still too big. There was so much soap loaded onto each sheet, that I was able to cut each sheet into four parts AND use each sheet twice instead of once. That means (when I got my calculator out) instead of only 66 facial washes, I got a total of 528 facial washes. That was more than a 700% increase (462 more washes over the original 66). So instead of getting just a 2 month supply, for the same $10.32 I spent on the box (from Amazon) I now had a 17 month supply! Each wash came out to being slightly just under two cents (.0195cents to be exact) instead of 15.6 cents per original wash. Now, that’s what I call frugality! All thanks to Amy Dacyczyn so many, many years ago.

I turned a 2 month supply of facials into a 17 months supply just by using my scissor.

When I compound all the frugal techniques I have incorporated into my daily life since the days of Amy’s newsletter (she stopped writing when she saved one million dollars and hasn’t returned since) is it any wonder how I was able to downsize living on $96,000 a year in the mid 1990’s down to only $29,000 in 2020? I still live a top shelf life, using top shelf quality items but my out-of-pocket costs are always at bottom shelf pricing.

There’s a stark reality facing most of us out there, right now. There’s a pandemic raging worldwide and statistics show that nearly half of the US population are without a job (click here). If you haven’t learned or mastered frugality before, maybe now is the time you do.

Don’t look to me to show you the way. My frugality is mindless. I do it without thinking. I wouldn’t know how to show nor teach you. BUT there are other people on the globe, more talented than me, who I also look up to for help and guidance. There’s always something new in the world of frugality. It seems to me that there is a plethora of frugalistas who are learning to live on annual salaries of $25,000 to $35,000 to $40,000 a year. Based on a jobless recovery, $30,000 a year might start to sound luxurious to some. You might have to consider yourself fortunate and blessed if you can master that amount.

Till then, let me make the following suggestions to get you up and running (In addition to Live Simple. Live Free, as listed above:

#1. (with me) Coffee With Kate. Here’s her blog (click here). Here’s her vlog (click here).

#2. Living (Dining) On A Dime. Click here for their YouTube channel.

#3. Money Mom. Click here for her YouTube channel. (pandemic hit her hard)

#4. Homestead Tessie. Click here for her vlog/YouTube channel. (hubby just lost his job)

I’m sure there are many others. If you know of other sites, please share them here with us in the comments section. My kudos to all of the ladies and gentlemen I have listed above. I think they are all wonderful people and should be thanked for reaching out to all of us and showing us the frugal ways they found to make ends meet and still live a life of decency and abundance. All the information is free!

Live well and prosper, my friends. Live well and prosper.