Hi guys. Did you miss me? I had to take some time off. It was an emotional upswing with hubby getting tested for the coronavirus. It was a few horrible days till we got the news. He tested negative. Thank you, Lord Jesus!! Nonetheless, it was just too, too much. Between my brother dying of the disease, my SIL almost contracting it (he also tested negative) and now my husband…..it was just too much for me to deal with. These are trying times for sure.

Anyway, everything is fine. Everybody’s health is good. New York is doing extremely well, especially the county we are living in (zero new cases!). Hubs and I went food shopping today. We’re down to just once per month. We’re down to just spending $300 a month vs $500. I bought a new, upright freezer. As soon as I get it stocked, up and running, I’ll do a post on it. Adding on an additional, larger freezer has made our lives so much better.

The garden is doing extremely well. I’ve started eating broccoli rabe and pea pods right out of my garden. It’s amazing. I never saw things like this grow from seed before, so it’s been an experience. The spinach and arugula didn’t do well at all. I found out the hard way they are cool weather growers. Luckily I still have half of their seeds left, so I will replant in the fall. I’m in the middle of making a video regarding the garden status, which I’ll post tomorrow and share with all of you. Till then, thanks for sticking around.

2nd batch of my pea pods drying out on a a red towel. Looks like Christmas!