At the end of each week, I like to ask myself a few questions (The What’s?) on how my week went. I think asking myself (or yourself) a series of inquiring questions, helps keep me (or you) focused and appreciative. It certainly helps me see exactly how I am doing, where I am going and if I am achieving anything in my life!

  1. What’s doing in my garden? Green beans. Green beans. Green beans. Maybe I planted too many. All I know is each and every night, I’ve been preparing green beans in so many different ways it’s been tough to be sick of them. ‘Cause we’re not! They’re delicious and super healthy. Love ’em!
Italian green bean salad with minced red onion, black olives, garlic and doted with a vinaigrette dressing

2. What’s cooking? See above. And below.

Steamed, farm fresh (my farm!) veggies
Home-made, Italian pork sausages, cooked to perfection on the grill. Super delicious!

3. What’s happening? I joined a discussion group on Zoom concerning how we all are coping with the pandemic. It’s a fantastic group, sponsored by my local library, and overseen by a therapist (thank you Lord Jesus!) filled with women my age, all from around my local area. For one hour every week, we all connect and discuss how we are coping. It’s my most favorite hour of the week!

4. What’s streaming on TV and the music scene? Since we like new content, we’ve been watching a few Amazon Prime Originals. The latest one is ‘My Spy‘ a simply adorable and highly enjoyable movie. As for music, I’ve been listening to Italian operas this week, streamed in through my Amazon Prime membership (all for free).

5. What are you grateful for this week? Our pool and RV. Temps for the last few days (and foreseeable near future) have been in the low to mid 90s. That’s awfully hot! It’s been great walking over to our pool and just jumping in. Granted, it’s sorta kiddie pool and only 30 inches deep BUT boy oh boy, does it cool one off! It’s been fun just floating in it! We set up our RV right near the pool. We use it for it’s awning to provide shade and we’ve been streaming music through it’s radio. Hubby has it plugged in so we can also utilize the fridge and store cold drinks as well as our lunch. Since we can’t travel anywhere, we feel as if we are on a camping vacation anyway. Who knew?

We found this great, flat area behind our barn. Who knew? I feel as if finally, we are utilizing our land to it’s full potential by putting in a garden AND a pool/recreation area. There’s even room for a volleyball court!

6. What did you do this week to stretch a buck? I did two things this week to save money. The first is I found out the power (and creative ability to save money) of Dawn dishwashing liquid. By diluting about a 1/4 cup of Dawn with water and putting it in an empty Aldi competitor’s bottle, I can use the concoction to wash down my kitchen cabinets, countertops, walls, bathroom features and just about anything that needs cleaning. No need to buy and spend any more money on cleaning products because Dawn can do it all (Dawn works best. Not the competitors). Also, a dash of Dawn in super hot water does a great job cleaning my bamboo wood floors. This has saved me a ton of money because I was spending a lot of money on special wood floor cleaners. Not needed!

I put a little bit of the real Dawn in an empty Radiance bottle (Aldi competition), filled the rest of the bottle up with water and voila’! I have an excellent surface cleaner for pennies. No need to buy any other cleaners. I even used it on the bathroom tile and it cleaned up all the soap scum. Love it!
Look at how gorgeous and shiny my bamboo flooring looks after washing it down with a dash of dawn and super hot water! BIG money saver!!!

The second thing I saved money on this week was hubby’s new cell iPhone. Don’t give me any lectures on saving money by avoiding technology. I’m a dedicated Apple Computer geek, and I stand by the fact that this is thee best time in history to embrace all the amazing technological advances our humans are bringing forth onto the universe! All within reason, of course. I’m not the one who goes out every six months and buys the latest and the greatest. But I am a believer in keeping up with technology as best as a pocketbook can.

After 3+ years and countless complaints, hubby needed a new iPhone. Technology changed. Faster service is available and hubby’s iPhone 7 was falling behind. (Note: I do have a new $1000 iPhone 11 Pro Max with the triple camera because I am a photographer BUT could no longer afford a higher pixel digital cameras. Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro Max solved my problem. And my wallet woes.)

Apple, thankfully, came out with a new line of cost-saving iPhones. (click here) No more $1000 iPhones. We now have choices. The new iPhone SE has a starting price of $399. That’s the one I bought for hubby. Apple also will buy back your old iPhone at super prices. Hubby got back $110 for his trade in, which lowered the cost to $289, plus we got a $25 Apple/iTunes gift card which lowered the cost even more to $264. Since I used my Apple Credit Card, I got 24 months of financing which is only $11 a month, interest free.

We can live with eleven dollars a month as a means to keep up with the rapidly changing world of technology. In this pandemic, people are finding out that you need high speed computers as well as high speed cell phones. Are there cheaper models out there? Yes. But none that have the greatness of Apple Computer (told ya I was an Apple geek!)

The new iPhone SE has many of the features of the more expensive iPhone 11 and 12 (starting prices $699 to $999 depending on the model) but at a more reasonable, affordable price. We ordered the new cell phone online at (click here). Got the phone in a day. Switched out the SIM card (easy peasy. Apple gives instructions) popped the old iPhone in a kit Apple supplied and sent it back for our trade in refund. No hassle. No interference from humans. All computer generated. Note: I did chat with an Apple rep over their chat line and he explained everything to me and sent me all the needed info, before I made any purchase.

Is it any wonder why Apple Inc. rules the universe?

Depending on your trade-in refund, For less than $10 bucks a month, you can enjoy the latest technology on the planet. Think it’s not that important? Think again. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and our computers and cell phones are our lifelines! Apple Inc leads the way in technology IMHO.