I find myself crying at odd times during the day. And night, to be fair. I can not believe how much hatred there is in the world right now. With no end in sight. The other day, hubby and I did our monthly shopping and were stopped at a red light. A huge pick up truck inched up next to me, rolled down its window and the driver started hurling profanities (F-Bombs) at me and especially to my husband. Apparently hubby didn’t pull up far enough for him to illegally drive around us so that he could make a right turn. Hubs and I said nothing. People like this man, driving around in these huge pick up trucks, usually pack a shotgun or two. It was obvious this man was looking for a fight. Did we look like easy marks because we have gray hair? Whatever it was, we weren’t having any of it.

A good friend of ours and his wife had driven up to a neighboring town to take care of some legal work. While they were stopped at a red light (this seems to be a common thing now, when stopping at a red light) a group of male teens pulled up next to them and started giving them the finger. My friend rolled down his window and asked what was the problem? Apparently my friend had a bumper sticker on his car that these boys didn’t like. Right before the light turned, the teens threw their ice cream cones at my friend. The ice cream landed on their front windshield and side mirror. Was my friend singled out because he expressed one of his opinions openly? Would it be best now to keep our thoughts literally to ourselves?

I don’t know where this hatred is coming from but if you even look at a person the wrong way, be prepared for a fight. Either verbally or God forbid, physically. Everyone is on edge. The pandemic isn’t helping. People are worried about money, jobs, sending their kids back to school, or not. Food, shelter, evictions, insolvency, homelessness, loss of self-employment, business closures, marriage disagreements, family fighting and just about anything else negative on the planet.

Physical abuse in on the rise for women, children and the elderly.

I can feel the hatred in the world. That’s why I find myself crying at times. I wish there was something I could do to ease everyone’s pain but there isn’t. If there was anything or anyone, however, who could, that would be God. It’s His world. His planet. He created this mess. He is the only one who can solve it. If there ever was a time to pray, this would be just about it. I don’t think we can go any lower; but the world will. I’ve been told that it is going to get much worse and that we will be seeing things we never thought possible.

I’ve given it all up to God. I pray for His protection. I ask Him for a cure. I ask Him to be kind. I ask Him to please help the hurting and the unloved in this world. Please Lord, lift their burdens. And perhaps send back your son, to finally bring back peace into this world.

In the interim, I’ve started walking with a cane. Keeps me balanced and the wolves at bay.

A special message from Joyce Meyer: Do Not Fear. It’s All In God’s Hands.