Blueberries are in season right now. Next year, I plan to put in a few blueberry bushes in my garden. In the interim, I purchased a few pints and have visions of blueberry pancakes in my head. The local farm store here wants to charge $8.00 per pint! ($7.99 to be exact). Thankfully, Aldi is selling farm fresh blueberries for only $1.63 a pint, so I bought me two. I made a batch of blueberry pancakes and a blueberry crumb cake. The pancakes were easy. I used Aldi’s all-in-one buttermilk pancake mix (just add water and fresh blueberries).

One of my most favorite crumb cake recipe comes from Martha Stewart. Click here for the recipe. I added fresh blueberries on top of the batter and crumb. As the cake bakes, the blueberries popped and filled the cake with great fresh blueberry fruit! I topped it all off with confectioner’s sugar.

I have enough blueberries left over to make a blueberry pie. Topped off with vanilla ice creme once the pie comes hot out of the oven…… doesn’t get better than that. Amazing!

Also, here’s an update of my garden. Looking good! (especially for my first first time out). I planted too many seeds. Live and learn. Next year I’ll space them out a bit more.