At the end of each week, I like to ask myself a few questions (The What’s?) on how my week went. I think asking myself (or yourself) a series of inquiring questions, helps keep me (or you) focused and appreciative. It certainly helps me see exactly how I am doing, where I am going and if I am achieving anything in my life!

  1. What’s doing in the garden? I planted a variety of tomatoes and they are ALL coming in now. In another week I should be able to pick them. I planted cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes and beefsteak potatoes. Happy to report all varieties are coming in. I plan to roast and can the beefsteak tomatoes. The cherry ones will be used in an Italian caponata (appetizer). I may put up another pot of marinara sauce for the plum tomatoes. I’ll decide what to do when I see the full harvest.

The eggplants are finally coming in, as well as the green peppers. Better late than never. Hey, it’s only August 17th. Hubby and I have been enjoying a fresh daily bibb lettuce salad! I expect a nice bounty at the end of the summer. Also, my herbs are doing very well. I already harvested and froze the parsley and am drying out the oregano. I made and froze a few servings of pesto with my basil bounty. Trust me….in the winter a dinner of pasta and pesto makes one very, very happy!

2. What’s cooking? I made a fresh dish of hummus, served with a cut-up of my fresh veggies, spread out over toasted, authentic pita bread. DELISH! I also made a stir fry of peppers, onions, garlic and plum tomatoes ALL from my neighbors farm. DELISH X 2!!

3. What’s happening (socially)? Hubby has been blessed with the gift of gab. He can talk, sometimes for hours, with complete strangers. That’s good for him. Not so good for e. He spends a lot of time on the phone, with his ha radio group or chatting up with the neighbors. Me? I avoid people like the plague (no pun intended). I skipped my last two zoom meeting with my community group. I am just too tired to talk to anyone right now. Other than the daily chats with my sister and the daily text messaging with my two daughters, I really don’t socialize with anyone. We have a luch scheduled tomorrow with our two best friends but we keep cancelling and rescheduling. I’m just not comfortable yet being in anyone’s presence right now.

4. What’s streaming? I’ve been watching a lot of movies on Amazon Prime that were filmed in Italy. I miss not being able to go back to Italy right now. I re-watched Under The Tuscan Sun as well as Dream Of Italy: Tuscan Sun Special a PBS Special, starring the original Frances who wrote the book that the movie was based on. Last night I paid for a movie (after I applied a $2.50 credit) and watched the new movie ‘Made In Italy‘ starring Liam Nelson. The story is about a father and son who rebuild back their Tuscan villa after the father abandoned it for twenty years after his wife, Rafaella, died in a car accident there. Truthfully, I wish I was back living in Italy right now. I have always said I don’t like living in America. I have no idea why my father chose to come to this country when he had so much going for him in Italy. I would have grown up in his little seaside town on the Italian Riviera, the Adriatic sea, rather than here. Oh well. I just hope I’m still alive and able to go back to Italy when this global pandemic is finally over.

If Frances can enjoy her Tuscan Villa while she and her husband are in their 70s, then so too can I:

5. What music is playing? I’ve been into this stream of James Taylor hits for days now. Can’t find anything better right now. I stream the channel, for free, under my Amazon Prime account. Many varied artists play but ALL with the same James Taylor vibe.

6. What Are you most grateful for? I think that would be that hubby and I are still well. We haven’t caught the virus and neither has anyone in our family. I pray each and every day for God to protect us, surround us with His angles and keep us healthy, strong and alive. Having your health right now is the best gift you can give yourself.

7. What did you do this week to stretch a buck? We are finally going to up our internet connection. It’s apparent that this new world is going to be solely based on the internet so we are going to go from 25mpbs to 200mpbs. Hubby was waiting for the providers to trench the new cables into our house rather than hang wires outside. Finally, Spectrum has agreed to do it, free of charge. Our new bill will be going from $53 a month (old provider) to a whopping increase of only one dollar to $54 (new provider)!!! We’ll be able to do more, see more and utilize our Amazon Fire TV stick more, which means we can eliminate two additional channels ($6.95 a month and $5.14 a month) saving $145.08 per year!