After being home since March 1st, hubby and I decided it was high time to venture out. I called up our best friends and asked if we could come over for lunch. I would pick up four sandwiches and dessert. We’d have lunch all together in the couples back yard. Our friends would make the coffee and provide the wine. Hubby and I brought our own coffee mugs and utensils. I was a little hesitant at first. But when we met in their backyard, it was all set up for proper social distancing and I relaxed. We sat on opposite ends of a picnic table and had a lovely, wonderful afternoon! It was so good to be with other human beings! Best of all, I actually got dressed up and wore clothes other than a tee shirt, shorts and flip flops. I put on my new clothes from Chico’s. I even got to wear my new ring that I bought for myself back in February! Sorry no pics but we’ll be doing it again.

To get ready for daughter & granddaughter visit, we parked our RV by the pool, for their use!

Next, my daughter and granddaughter finally came over for a visit. They were with us for 4 days and rather than come inside our home, hubby set up our RV so they could glam-camp in their own, fully contained and extra-specially, super-duper clean private digs. Hubby set up the RV by the pool, and people, my daughter and granddaughter had a fantastic time. We wore our masks but socially distanced. They took their turn in the pool. Hubby and I took our turn in the pool. We ate outside. We did arts and crafts (painted rocks). We even had a marshmallow toast!

Lots of mask wearing. Lots of hand sanitizer and hand washing. Constant wearing of masks. I think we all did a very good job. All of us are safely back inside our homes with none the wear for the worse. Praise God!