This pandemic has caused many people and their localities to re-discover what once was a toss-away society. I recently came across this local article of an inlet that is being re-discovered as a “new” beach. Located in a quiet cul-du-sac, with river water clean enough to swim safely in, a local town has touted a resurrection of sorts. Situated near an old brick-making facility (note chucks of broken brick pieces scattering on the sandy beach) families are flocking to a beach re-born. The local town was kind enough to provide a lifeguard, a revamp to the restrooms, a tidy clean up of sorts, ample picnic tables, ample places to park as well as provide hand sanitizer, mask wearing signs and a suitable place for the locals to find some solace during this pandemic. There’s a boat ramp just perfect for kayaking, lots of scattered trees just perfect for some shade from the sun and a view that will take your breath away.

See for yourself:

It’s low tide right now, but you can see, this is a very fine “beach”.

I’m certain, as more and more beachgoers flock to this fantastic “new” find, a collection of sorts will be taken and the sandy beach will get a better clean up. In the meantime, we all just found ourselves a paradise.