It’s finally fall. The temps are a wee bit lower. For the first time in like forever, I actually put on a pair of jeans (vs being in short shorts for like months!) and to my surprise, my pants actually fit! Well, that made me happy. So much so, that hubby and I went out on an adventure. Since last year, I’ve been wanting to hike over this new walkway over the Hudson River.

Starting out in either Hudson NY or Catskill, NY, the Department of Parks & Recreation created this brand new walkway (click here for more info) over the historic Hudson River. No dogs or bikes allowed and I can understand why. The traffic is fast and furious and once you get out over the middle of the river, it’s very windy. The gates were clattering and you could feel the bridge sway.

With New York City to the south, Frederick Church’s mansion, Olana to the left and the Catskill Mountains to the right, it was a wonderful walk and a great afternoon out crossing over the river on The Rip Van Winkle Bridge (I love that name!) I was able to get a good shot of Olana peeking up out of the trees. I also got some great view images AND as always, hubby must walk ahead of me, so there are some photos of his lovely back and butt!

Afterwards, we stopped at a local Farmer’s Market (open every day) and I bought some veggies I wasn’t able to grow this year (BUT will next year!). At my own vegetable garden, my tomatoes are starting to turn red and ripen. My eggplant crop was prolific. I learned so many different ways to cook (and freeze) eggplant. I’ll share them with you in an upcoming blog.

In the interim, here are some photos from today’s adventure: