Ever since I narrowly missed attending the original Woodstock festival on August 18, 1969, I have been in love with the area and visit as often as I can. There’s something about the town and the people. Caring. Non-judgmental. All have always been welcome. With a plethora of cafes, bakeries, vintage clothing, jewelry stores and crystal delights, you’ll also always find a musician or two entertaining you as well as some others lecturing you on the powers that let it be.

Hubby and I took a delightful ride up the Catskill mountains where the leaves are just, oh! so slightly, starting to turn into their magical colors, to spend the day in Woodstock, NY. (America’s favorite hippie town click here). The temps were in the high 50s but the warm sun made wearing a sweater not a necessity. It was just one of those near perfect fall days. Hubs and I packed some cheeses, sliced turkey, some seltzers and a few chocolate cookies. When we are in the area, our first stop has always been Bread Alone (note the long line outside the store). We’ve been stopping off at this favorite bakery of ours since 1994. The baker/owner had an authentic oven imported in from France back in 1983 and we still don’t know how he does it BUT he bakes the finest organic French baguette ($2.75) that would put Paris to shame!

There was a Flea Market going on in downtown Woodstock. As well as their Sunday Farmer’s Market. Almost everyone was wearing a mask and try as they might, social distancing was being followed through also. Lots of foreign voices heard talking on the streets of Woodstock. It truly has become an international destination. It was nice to be out and about and see so many people! Finally!

Lastly, we stopped to have our lunch at Overlook Mountain. There was a pleasant sparkling brook passing under the overpass. The sound of the moving water made our lunch all the more special.

Here are just some of the photos I shot today. Woodstock is my happy place!