In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been. I’ve been taking care of this little girl:

My youngest daughter adopted a dog that she believed was hypo-allergenic. After four days, the little puppy was not hypo-allergenic as my son-in-law was super, super allergic to the little dog. She’s half shih tzu. Half maltese with a little bit of miniature poodle thrown in, thus making her shedless. Didn’t quite work out like my daughter was hoping it would.

Unfortunately, the realization to both my daughter and granddaughter was the puppy had to be either returned to owner or another suitable home was to be found. After listening to an hour long plethora of tears, grandma here, succumbed and offered to take in the little puppy. This way the girls really weren’t giving up their beloved puppy after all. She’d still be in the family (and footing ALL the bills) and would live happily-ever-after at grandma’s house.

We already have a 10 year old catahoula, so we have no idea how these two dogs (one large, one very small dog) are going to get along. Right now, I’m keeping the puppy in my office (which has now been turned upside down AND has a very distinct puppy smell) Throw into this whole new mix and for the first time ever in my 37 years of owning dogs, our catahoula came down with a case of the fleas. We had to fumigate our bedroom. Now we’re working on the area rugs.

In other words: we’ve been busy!

Thankfully, the little puppy is wee wee pad broken. But I have to follow her around the room when she does her ‘dance’ to make sure her butt gets on that wee wee pad (literally)! Also, despite being only 9 weeks old, she sleeps through the night (thank you, Lord Jesus!) from midnight to 6:30AM. I can sit in my office while puppy runs around and makes a complete fool of herself before it’s ready for her first morning nap! We can’t introduce the two dogs or take the puppy outside for a walk till we see our vet. Hopefully we can get in on Monday despite their office having a 2 to 3 week appointment wait. (apparently, everyone has a pet nowadays thanks to the pandemic and veterinarians are super busy)

So wish me luck. BTW my garden is doing fine. Lots of tomates, eggplant and peppers coming to harvest. LOL.