Every year, right around this time, hubby and I take a day trip up to Hunter Mountain, NY. That’s when they have their Octoberfest celebrations. Bratwurst for everyone! I checked the calendar. This weekend was also to be a car show combined with the Octoberfest AND it was going to be thee best weekend for leaf peeping.

Hubby and I got up early. It took a long time for us to pack up two dogs, but by 12:15PM we were on our way. Finally. One and a half hours later, we arrived at Hunter Mountain, along with a whole bunch of other visitors only to find out the Octoberfest was cancelled. No message online. No posting. No alerts. Due to Covid-19 another favorite of ours was gone.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed the ride. We found a little Greek bistro in the area and ordered up two sandwiches. I had packed hot coffee and brought along a few cold drinks.

It was still a fantastic day. Here’s a video I made showcasing the ride up the mountain to Hunter. Don’t blink or you will miss the waterfalls. Enjoy!