I find it hard to believe that my master bedroom looked like this for 18 years:

My mater bedroom was a mish mash of leftover furniture from all different eras in my lifetime!

I suppose for the first 18 years we were living here, EVERYTHING ELSE was more important than my master bedroom. It was just a mish mash of leftover furniture from all the places I lived before we moved into our current ‘forever’ home. When we first moved here, while we were having our home built, I put all of our stuff into storage for at least a year. When it finally came time to move it into our permanent home, unbeknownst to us, the storage company had a giant ceiling leak. ALL our furniture got destroyed due to water damage. By the time we saw our furniture again, it was loaded with mold, mildew and bugs upon bugs upon vermin. It was un-salvageable. I just sat in the warehouse and cried. Years upon years of scrimping and saving to buy beautiful, brand named furniture. All gone now.

I had to hire an attorney to sue to storage company for the damage they did to the $12,000 worth of all our beautiful furniture, clothes, kitchen stuff, linens, towels, you-name-it, just about every single thing we owned. All gone. And so was the storage company. Two days after they were served, they filed bankruptcy and never paid us a dime.

How do you start your life over from nothing? Seems to be a common thread in my husband’s life and mine. We always seem to wind up back at zero.

We rebuilt up our lives by going to Goodwill first to buy kitchen stuff. We went to thrift shops, yard sales, garage sales and Craig’s List to fill in whatever we could. We still owned a ski chalet up in the Catskill Mountains (which we were selling at the time) and we did utilize the beds, some recliners and cast iron cookware. But it didn’t make good decorating sense to place Santa Fe-styled ski chalet furniture into a Hudson Valley cape cod-styled home. Needless to say, we were desperate and broke, so we had no choice.

My kids were kind enough to pitch in. They each gave us their tax refunds back in 2002. We used one tax refund to buy a three piece bedroom set (two end tables and an armoire) and the other tax refund to buy a living room couch. When we did the final walk through of all our destroyed furniture, we did manage to salvage a few items such as the TV set, butcher block cutting table (you can still see the water marks on the legs) and the microwave. Everything else got dumped into a landfill. The new storage company manager took pity on us and never charged us for the extra few months of storage. Can you imagine? It was very, very sad to have suffered such a loss. And suffer we did.

It wasn’t until 2018 that I was able to finally take on fixing up our bedroom. One day I got an email from Wayfair.com. They told me for one day only, every single thing in their online store was 80% off. It took me a while to figure out what style I wanted (farmhouse) and what items I needed, but I was able to redo my entire bedroom from top to bottom for an affordable (to me) sum of money.

The first thing we did was rip out the contractor-supplied beige carpeting. Hubby (and a hired carpenter) put down a new barn-styled laminate floor ($475). I finally pulled down the curtains I bought at Wal Mart (they were tacky, tacky, tacky!) and put up some satin, light-blocking super luxurious curtains ($34 a panel X 4 panels= $136) from Wayfair. I also bought two blue, slim recliners @$132 each (this was an unheard of low price!!!) so that hubby and I could sit in comfort while we watched television from our new, slim, 42″ Smart Vizio TV (our previous TV was 15 years old!) that was encased behind the armoire doors (BTW: the 3 piece, rustic farmhouse bedroom set from Broyhill was purchased from a local furniture outlet store for $2,500. The “L’ shaped, fawn-colored, tweed living room couch, also from Broyhill cost $1,500, priced down from $2,000 as it was the floor model).

I bought a shag rug from Wayfair (8X10) for $160. New queen bedspread and shams for $69. The blue queen 100% cotton sheets I got from a delivery mixup for free. (don’t ask). Naturally, of course, hubs and I ran out of money regardless of the Wayfair sales. I wanted new lamps but we couldn’t afford them. So hubby bought some spray paint and did a fantastic job painting up our already existing end table lamps a soothing blue (I wanted blue accents to the beige/gray & black accent color scheme to break it up a bit).

I needed some odds and ends and bought the rest of the special accent pieces from the clearance aisles of Home Goods. I bought the picture above our bed for $10. The hand painted blue water scene (not pictured) for only $29 and the farmhouse calligraphy statement (over the settee’) for only $14. The black wrought iron filigree over the closet door was free from my sister. And the two black iron lamps sitting on top of the armoire were from Goodwill and only cost me $5 for both. They cleaned up well and really look nice.

Here’s the 2018 remodel:

2018: This is with our old 20 year mattress and a black wrought iron headboard from the ski chalet. I didn’t get the shag rug yet.

Over the last two years, we finally replaced our dual, twenty-year old queen mattress and box spring for a state-of-the-art Stearns & Foster, pillow top queen-sized, single mattress at a 50% off sale. As you can finally figure out, I like top brand named things BUT I won’t ever pay full price for them. We bought a $2400 mattress for only $1200 and it came with a free, self-adjusting, black bedframe for free! At a value of $499. It’s been great raising and lowering the bed to either watch TV, get hubby to stop snoring or help my aching back. The mattress is like sleeping on a dream. We put the $1200 on a two year, zero-interest loan and paid it off at $50 a month. This was the only way we could have afforded such luxury and we went for it!

Last week, I accomplished the two remaining redecorating pieces of the puzzle. Number One: I’ve been wanting a new, blue, upholstered head board and I finally bought it! Naturally, of course, I bought it from Wayfair. I had been watching the sales and the prices. I got what I always wanted at 30% off ($144). Number Two: I replaced the bedspread with a lighter (but still warm) comforter as the brown one (with the shams) was just too heavy and too much trouble (I put them up in my daughters new bedroom….she got the 20 year old mattress! LOL! My other daughter got the black, wrought iron headboard) I bought the new gray comforter during the Amazon Price sale days last week (originally $50 but I got it for $34) and I finally feel, after eighteen years, my Master Bedroom is done!

What do you think?

Lastly, I do have these last two photos from 2018. I had to replace one of the new blue recliners because there just wasn’t enough room for them in the bedroom. I put the extra recliner in the living room. In it’s place I bought a settee’ from Wayfair (yes, yes, yes, I love Wayfair!) It was in their clearance rack. originally priced at $1200. I got it only for $250. It makes the perfect platform to take an afternoon nap.

These two photos are from the 2018 remodel. I’ve since moved that rug to my office, laid down a shag area rug, replaced the heavy bedspread and moved one of the dual blue recliners to the living room.