I will be 70 years old next month. I am flabbergasted at that statement. First off, I can’t believe I am saying it. Second, I can’t believe it’s me that is saying it will happen to! How did this happen? Last I looked I was either 18 or 25 or 30 or 40…….but I never figured out on being 70.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my turning 70. I think I will finally be admitting to myself that I am entering ‘old age’. I find myself walking a bit slower, getting out of the tub a bit tricky, walking up and down stairs something I’d rather start avoiding, taking walks or hikes a bit slower and streamlining or cutting back on the quality cleanliness standard I personally set up for my home. Maybe I can fold the clothes later or vacuum 6 times a week instead of 7?

I started writing lists now. Multiple lists. To do list. Shopping list. Packing lists. Things to do lists. I even started writing lists of things I would like my husband to do. I email them to him each morning. He never responds. I think he has his own list of things to take care of. I used to have a to-do book of lists but I would forget to look inside the book. Then I wrote the lists on little bits of paper and leave them on top of my keyboard for sure that I’d see it in the morning. Now, I use an app on my iPhone and since I’m such a computer geek, that seems to be working out the best.

I forget things now as soon as I think them. Can you imagine losing your own thoughts that you just thought of a few seconds ago? It takes me a few more seconds or so to remember what I just forgot to remember. Then when I remember what I just forgot I try hard to burn that thought into my memory so I don’t forget it again.

Are you getting confused?

That’s an introduction to any of us that senior moments are right around the corner.

I find myself thinking more about my life in the ‘before’ time, and in the ‘now’ time but not in the ‘future’ time. I shudder to think about a future, any future, in these pandemic times. I find myself flocking to prepper broadcasts and then leaving them little comments like: “you don’t know what you are talking about“. Because in reality, they don’t. No one does. You can’t predict the future. You can prepare but even that is a laugh. Look at all the people who prepared for retirement (such as myself). Nothing could have prepared anyone for the unprecedented retirements that they have finally gotten?

So, I’ve been spending a lot of my time deep in thought over my younger years. I had a terrific childhood, a wonderful teen life and my young adulthood looked promising. Till I succumbed to family pressure and got married at 24. Now looking back, I gave up my most important, productive years to marry stupidly. Life after that failed marriage has been nothing but a roller coaster of good times, bad times and ugly times. My advice: think really carefully before you make any life changing decisions.

The world seems less important to me now. What’s more important to me now is how I feel, how I live, how I act and whatever little grain of luxury or comfort I can scramble up. Last night I was agitating on my settee trying to find a comfortable spot to watch TV but to no avail. I decided to (finally) watch TV from my bed and (finally) use the automatic bed platform and raise the head section a bit higher. This made watching TV from bed extremely enjoyable and this little thing ‘made my day’. It instantly boosted my spirits and I was astounded how such a silly thing could change my mood. But, there it was. It did! I was comfy!

The only thing I know for sure is that I like living life. Life is a lot of fun. Even the hard times are fun because you get to experience something out of the ordinary. I also like my life. I like my lifestyle. I like the world I have created for myself. Despite the bad times. Despite the good times, I’m still here and I get to live and experience another day. At least I hope I will tomorrow morning!

During my 50s and 60s I thought I knew everything. Now, as I enter my 70s I have come to realize and understand one thing: that I know absolutely nothing (geeze, I hope it’s not because I lost my memory?) I am entering my 70s without a pre-fixed expectation or any predetermined way that my 70s or 80s or 90s should be. This is a whole new experience for me. I really have no advice to give to anyone. We can all plan, but God laughs at that. The only sure thing I know is people should try to save as much money as they can, without giving up too many life experiences. Either live at your means or below your means. Either way, be judicious with credit and learn not to take anything too seriously. One day at a time. Don’t think ahead and don’t look back too too much.

And take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.