It looks like Joe Biden has won. Of course there will be some scrabble but in the end, I think we can safely say that sleepy Joe Biden is our next president. In name only. Surely we all know we have just lost our freedoms, but I don’t think many Americans will mind. Thanks to Big Tech, who will be controlling Joe Biden, we all now will be told what to do, what to eat, what we can read, what the news of the day will be (provided we can ever believe the media again), what medical care will be provided to us (up to a certain age….sorry retirees) what car to buy, how many square feet we can live in, what TV, cable or streaming movies we can watch, what percentage of races can be considered proper under inclusion. In other words, Big Tech now controls America. That means YOU!

Sorry dudes. But you just lost your great white hope.

I totally understand. Americans are tired. Very tired. We’re tired of working our butts off and having nothing to show for our work except debt. We’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck. Going broke if we have one major medical catastrophe. Well, don’t worry your little heads off anymore. The image of Uncle Joe (who can’t string two sentences together nor have the stamina to stand up to Big Tech or Kamala) is here to give us our illusion of cohesiveness and harmony. Big Government will now be coordinating our health care, giving us all a livable wage, as with all the illegal undocumented aliens too, just as soon as they raise all our taxes and seize most of your assets (especially private property) It used to be called fascism but now they’ve re-titled it to Democratic Socialism. Yup, gone is that silly, annoying thingie called capitalism. Just call it leftism instead. Older people will know what you mean.

I’ll be a little honest with you. I’m sorta glad Donald J. Trump didn’t win. I think we all have had enough of him and his administration. Trump accomplished what he set out to do. The Supreme Court slants conservative and the Senate Republican Majority will make it almost impossible for Uncle Joe to get anything done. In the interim, you’ll keep slowly losing your rights one by one till you don’t recognize anything anymore. Trump and his family need a well deserved rest. Rumor is Trump plans to start his own media mega dome. Just as soon as he can round up all those ex-Fox News contributors when their non-compete clauses run out.

In the interim, the earliest I can fly out to Italy will probably be this summer. Milan is under lockdown again and I haven’t gotten any info on Bologna as of yet. My sister and I are planning on a June arrival (if not, then July or August). The family beach house has been rented out over the summer, so we’ve been looking at some villa or apartment to stay in while we wait for the house to vacate. Our attorney is also looking into Italian pension benefits as my sister and I will have dual citizenship and may qualify. All this will take time and we’re in no rush. We’ve mastered the fine art of doing nothing!

Now that Joe Biden is our 46th president, I anticipate the pandemic to be over by the end of January. We should get our 2nd Stimulus Checks no later than January 30th (right after they’re mailed out January 21st) Once Trump is out of office, we’ll all be able to get a free vaccine and return to our new leftist lifestyle ASAP. With the election over, my blog will take on a new focus: Low Income Living And Loving It. Many of us will soon be low or lower income, so I want to get a heads up on it. I’ll be here to show you that living on a low income isn’t as bad as it might have seemed or how you may have imagined it to be. Living smallish can be quite fun at times. Driving used cars ain’t so bad. Eating ‘poverty foods’ can be somewhat tasty if you learn the tricks of a well seasoned plate. Better yet, if you’re allowed any property, you can either grow your own food in your front or back yard. You’ll probably need a permit for doing so and be taxed on your harvest but what the hey? You’re getting free health care in return. My neighbors just put in chickens. It’s all good, people!

I’ll be here to show you all of the above. We Italians have been through fascism. We’ve mastered low income living so perfectly, it’s in our DNA. My father lived under the rule of The Black Shirts (click here) and used to tell my sister and I some horrific leftist horror stories at bedtime. Ah, the good ole days, right? Let’s just hope that neither Kamala nor Uncle Joe wind up like Benito Mussolini did when finally in 1943, the Italian people got woke and realized how they had been screwed over by the promises of fascism.

For those youngins who don’t know, Mussolini was hung (actually executed….you can see the death here with a video from the trusted, History Channel) by the Italian people at the end of his “reign”. They also hung some of Mussolini’s family (Vittorio, his 2nd son to name a few) as well as his mistress, Clara Petacci:

After Benito Mussolini fell, next came the demise of Adolf Hitler. But that post is for another day.

Stay tuned.