We now have two dogs. One was a rescue. The newest is sort of a rescue. We rescued a little puppy from my daughter and granddaughter because the dad/husband was allergic to the dog. We decided to take on a little dog because we figured the expenses of a little dog would be, well, little. How much could a little dog eat? Or how much could a vet visit cost for a little dog?

We were wrong on all counts.

Meet our 10 year old, 60 pound rescue dog. She’s a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog (click here for more info on the breed) We rescued her at 6 months at a fee of $480 which included the spay and the first round of vaccinations. She costs us between $25 and $50 a month for food and snacks. $150 for her annual vet visit.
Meet our six and a half pounder, 3.5 month old Maltipoo (designer dog cross between Maltese and toy poodle, click here) Original cost (which daughter paid) was $1,000. Daughter paid initial collar, leash, cage etc as a set up in August. Since then we have paid $424.06 for first vet visit and other set up necessities, $342.52 in October for 2nd set of shots, food, treats, sweaters etc, and as of today 11/14/20 we have spent another $308.27 for another round of shots, food, treats, toys, car carrier, shoulder carrier and grooming supplies. Just to get her face & butt trimmed cost us $30, thus the grooming supplies. We have to learn to do this ourselves. Please note: in 6 months our Maltipoo will be spayed at a cost of $600 (she has a birth hernia which must be removed at the same time of the spay). Can anyone say: ka-ching!!!

Since we have two female dogs in the house right now, the older one is a bit on the offensive. We have to be very, very careful because one bite from the big dog can harm the little dog. So, we’ve kept both dogs separate and have eased the big one to the little one very, very carefully. Each dog gets used to their new digs in their own time. We’re not rushing anyone. Thankfully our big dog has now learned to tolerate the little dog. Unfortunately, the little dog wants to play, play, play. The big dog wants to sleep, sleep, sleep.

The big dog is my husband’s dog and sleeps right next to him every night. The little dog is my dog (it’s now become a birthday present) and sleeps next to me on my side of the bed, in a crate! Hubby has been very supportive and very helpful. I don’t have to tell you that raising a puppy is very, very difficult for this old 70 year old. My back is killing me. The little puppy has been perfectly trained to pee and poop inside another smaller crate and I am appreciative of that. But I’m tired of picking up poop and wiping down pee. The weather has been too cold and wet to bring the puppy outside in the early morning or late evening. During the day, even in the rain, hubby takes her outside in our back yard, walk her, runs her and gives her special chicken liver treats (which she adores!) when she poops and pees outside.

Thank the Lord for husbands!

Our next challenge is self-grooming. At a cost of $65 to $72 (yes, can you believe that’s how much the groomers charge for this little 6 pound dog?) Hubs and I have been watching YouTube videos and have purchased semi-professional grooming kits and a grooming table (which I later sent back…..we can make our own). She’s easy enough to bathe in the bathroom sink and blow dry but as far as using a scissor or giving her a buzz cut, we’re at a loss. But learning.

When we first got the little puppy, I had increased our monthly dog budget from $50 a month to $75. After all, I asked myself, how much can a little dog eat? It wasn’t so much the food question, it was all the paraphernalia that must come with a little dog. They can’t walk for long, so they must be carried, in a sling (or a carriage!). They have to be carted in a crate or airline approved carriage bag (I got the latter, in case we fly somewhere together…..like Italy). Since the pup is so small (no more than 10 pounds at adult) they need sweaters and coats and boots when they go outside in inclement weather. Their necks are too delicate for collars. So, they need special harnesses and leashes. People, the list goes on and on and on and on.

A designer puppy wasn’t configured ever to be on our budget expense spread sheet!

My daughter did pay the first vet visit ($150.70) and has agreed to split the spay fee ($600/2=$300). Other than that, we are on our own. Thankfully the puppy came with some accoutrements but as you can see, it’s been costing us hundreds per month. I don’t know if this will be forever. Hopefully it will settle down. This was an expense, however, we weren’t prepared for.

But when you look at this little face, who the heck cares? We love her. It’s a done deal!

Daddy’s proud. Here’s hubby bringing puppy to the groomer (note above pic at beginning of post. Her eyes are now visible LOL!) All humans must wear masks and are NOT allowed inside the building. Our community loves and respects all animals, especially dogs (and horses!!!)