Unbeknownst to us, when we stopped into our favorite diner the other day, our meal was the last meal this 10 year running restaurant would be serving. Right after we left, they posted a sign in their window stating they were closing down due to the pandemic. Their landlord raised the rent (idiot) and combined with their declining sales (only serving at 50% capacity) the diner could no longer afford to remain open.

According to the latest Economic Impact Report statement from YELP: over 98,000 restaurants have now permanently closed down due to Covid-19. Click here. That’s 60% of all restaurants in the United States!

Throughout the past six months, restaurants, bars and nightlife venues have been hit the hardest by the restrictions brought by the pandemic: 32,109 restaurants have closed, as of Aug. 31. The number of restaurants forced to permanently close is slightly above Yelp’s total average, at 61%.

Farewell my favorite diner. The neighborhood will sorely miss you. They had very reasonable prices for very reasonable meals.