It’ll be just the hubby and I this Thanksgiving. It would be a bit weird BUT ever since my kids got married and had their own children, they go every other year to their in-laws for Thanksgiving and Christmas. On those odd years, hubby and I spent a few holidays with my brother and sister. Now, with my brother gone and my sister’s home state in lockdown, hubby and I won’t be seeing anyone else anytime soon. So, in a way, hubs and I have learned to manage a holiday alone before. Surely, we can do it again. Of course, we’ll round up the new Zoom and/or FaceTime app and “visit” each other virtually for now.

Instead of preparing ALL our Thanksgiving favorites for just one day, we decided to pre-prepare a few dishes before the big day. This way we can fully enjoy most of our favorite foods without overloading the system.

Yesterday we made our annual lasagna. It came out super great this year. We stepped up a few ingredients and it made a difference. So, for two days, we indulged.

Next up? Sourdough stuffing with sausage and mushrooms!