It will probably only be a matter of time before New York State issues another lockdown. Realistically, hubs and I have been in a voluntary lockdown since March 1st when this pandemic first became real to us. This time around, however, will be a bit more obscure. We won’t be venturing out this time to do grocery shopping. We are going to switch that to either home delivery or curbside pickup. Our pantry is well stocked so the only things we may need delivered will be eggs, dairy and produce. Anything else we get from either WalMart home delivery or Amazon. Those two companies have mostly everything locked up solid.

We’re very fortunate that our home is somewhat roomy and we live on several acres, so we don’t feel ‘trapped’ here. Hubby cut a few trails onto the ‘backyard’ for the dogs to enjoy. Guess hubs and I will be joining the dogs.

Usually this time of year hubby and I head down to Florida for a few months. That won’t be happening this year. I’ve cancelled everything. Winters in upstate New York can get somewhat brutal. Two years ago I bought hubs and I some very fine outerwear from LL Bean. This year I stocked up on flannel pajamas and super warm sheepskin slippers. Winters also mean power outages. Hubs, being the talented electrician that he is, devised an easy click set up for our trusty generator. He preset what appliances we will need in a downturn (fridge, freezer, microwave, coffee maker and of course, TV) and reserved enough power to keep our heating system and well water running.

Our vehicles have full tanks of gas and we have some cash on hand should the electricity go out at the neighboring stores.

I’ve stocked up on prescriptions and over-the-counter flu and cough medicines. We’ve both gotten our flu shots and I the pneumonia booster but the colder climate always gets us a sniffle or two. I have an ample supply of alcohol wipes, disinfectants, masks and gloves.

I’ve re-started our Netflix subscription but I think I am going to cancel it after this month. I like getting the free stuff off of Amazon, plus the free downloadable eBooks. I’m starting to prefer reading over watching the boob tube ad infinitum. I’m also thinking of getting back to my watercolor painting. I have all the supplies. I might as well use them during these upcoming winter dark days.

Hubby also put in a bird suet feeder off a tree that’s plainly visible from our dining room sliding glass doors. It’s been a pleasure to watch all the birds come and flutter about as they feed off the suet. They go through one a week. We have at least a 3 month supply to last all winter long. I’ll start taking some photos soon to share.

Hubby has a complete manly exercise gym set up in the basement. Some of his equipment I can use but I don’t like going down to an unfinished basement. Especially in the winter. It’s cold down there! I still however, would like to continue my daily walks despite the cold. For Christmas, hubby bought me this neat treadmill. It’s sized for an apartment which makes it fit into my smallish office quite well (alongside my puppy’s cage… office is getting crowded!) I can use it anytime I want (and be warm). I get in between 15 to 30 minutes of walking a day (for now).

My new treadmill!

I also have started printing out some of my favorite photos and set up a new display wall in my office. My poor office! I am cramming so much good stuff into my office. I spend so much time in there, I might as well enjoy myself. I play music. I read. I write. I surf the web. I dote on my many hobbies. It’s been a sanctuary and I love it!

I set up a wall to start showing some of my most fave photos over the years. I’ve got my puppy supplies in my office too!

Lastly, since my ‘diabetic coma?’ episode two+ weeks ago, I’ve taken up vegan cooking. I’ve been off sugar for over 2 weeks now plus no carbs and it seems to be helping. (I still have an upcoming doctors appointment for more health clarity) I’ve been following a few ‘Vegan For Beginners‘ YouTube channels but I particularly like this one by Caitlin Shoemaker. Click here. I definitely feel a whole lot better eating this way, plus I lost a few pounds and already my pants fit me better. Live and learn. This lockdown I plan on eating a lot healthier by learning to cook a whole new different way.

I love the fact that Caitlin shops at Aldi. YAY! So I can easily keep up with her as far as groceries go (for less). I love this particular cooking video of the 5 easy vegan meals that Caitlin enjoys every week. Please note: I made each and every one of these meals and they rock! Hey! I found yet another hobby to keep me busy during this upcoming lockdown! Who knew?