It’s been a little over two weeks when I first embarked on my new vegan journey. A severe health risk was the wake-up call to my system and it was a much needed jab because in all seriousness: I was headed towards a medical health disaster.

I know why I had let my health go and the realization of what I had done to myself was a very painful experience. It started in 2018 and became totally out of control after my brother died this past April. I didn’t know any of this information prior to my recent medical breakdown. It was while I was lying in bed, in pain, that I started to question myself on how all of this came about. The self-discovery was very revealing and I shared my thoughts with my GP yesterday during our TeleMed appointment. My doctor ordered up the correct blood work, which I will get next week.

In the interim, I have been embracing this new-found “hobby” of mine, which is to cook more vegan meals. Hubby was kind enough to make an Aldi run and came back with spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, tomatoes, carrots, celery, green and red peppers, onions, red onions, fresh ginger, potatoes and tons of garlic. I’ve also been watching several YouTube channels dedicated to ‘Vegan For Beginners‘.

Here’s what I’ve cooked up so far this past week: roasted cauliflower with garlic and a hint of organic, whole grain breadcrumbs. Fresh, home made Caesar salad dressing with anchovy (that tasted great on my romaine lettuce salad sans croutons!) Green pepper/onion/mushroom/peas/garlic stir fry over jasmine rice. As a snack, I cut some carrot and celery stips and placed them in Ball glass jars, topped with filtered water and stored in the fridge. I either eat them right out of the fridge or dip in my homemade hummus as a snack.

The sunset I see each evening from my kitchen/dining room sliding glass doors AND the little red deck chair I sit in each evening as I watch that glorious sunset! Taking time out to appreciate the world around us is good for our digestion and our soul!

I’m very thankful to be feeling better and to be doing something positive to make my life a bit better. Thank you God for the most perfect wake-up call ever!