I didn’t vote for Trump. This time around. In fact, I didn’t vote at all. I was so disgusted with America at the time of our election, I actually made plans to leave this country and go back to my nativeland, Italy. That’s how distraught I was over this whole election mess. When it was announced Trump did not win and when I saw how Trump reacted and what he conspired to do to overturn our election, I was glad I didn’t vote for that rat bastard.

I’m not going to sugar coat this. What might have been considered a novelty four years ago as a way to separate oneself from the ‘swamp’, turned into a despicable American tragedy. No one…..no one…other than Trump himself is to blame for his stupendous fall from grace. Maybe you all knew from the beginning. I, as a native New Yorker, knew Trump in a different light but by the time I caught up to everyone else, I was astounded at what was revealed.

God always said, at the end, the truth would be revealed. Everybody on the planet tried whatever they could to get rid of Trump but nothing worked. It was an act of God, the coronavirus pandemic that finally did Trump in. His blatant distaste and total discord for the death and sickness of thousands and thousands of not only our fellow Americans but also those people around the globe who died of this pandemic was merely nothing but a ‘bag of shells’ to Mr. Trump.

As just revealed in Politico today, Trump thought that by letting people die off, herd immunity would prevail and the pandemic would come to an end. (“We want them infected” click here for the info) That’s why Trump never pushed the mask warnings nor social distancing. Only the strong would survive. We older folks, we sicker folks, we weaker folks could be tossed aside. All that mattered was a profitable economy and a bubbling Wall Street of consumerism and capitalism. I can not believe it is even ME who is writing these words and thinking these thoughts.

I am just thankful that God stepped in and was the impetus to finally stop that rat bastard. Even if the election was corrupt and tilted…whomever is responsible, I’d like to say ‘Thank You’. Maybe it was a national, concerted effort brought about by all politicians, judges, congressional leaders, voters, corporations….whatever….I hope to dear God I never hear the name of Trump ever again. Granted yes, Trump should be thanked for ‘Warp Speed’ (getting the vaccine to the masses, so perhaps that is his one saving grace from dying to the fires of hell) I just never want to remember what transpired here in America these last four horrific years.

I am very thankful Joe Biden will be our new President. I wish Mr. Biden good health. I think America is now in very good hands with both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I am looking forward to a new America, one that is open to all, accepting of all, despite different races, creeds and beliefs. I am looking forward to a more fair America. An America that is just, welcoming and equitable.

We’re going to be OK, people. I firmly believe that. And so should you. We are going to be on the mend again, with a new beginning and a new chance to do it better this time. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Let’s get our vaccines and lets’ build back a better America.

Side Note: I lost my beloved brother in this pandemic. I will never forget that. I also am a registered Independent. Always was and always will be: Independent! I favor NO political party. But I do believe in electing whomever is best for the part.

President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris