We all knew this chaos was coming. We were warned enough of it. By the director of it all, himself. Did we prepare? Did we do anything to ward it off? No. It just happened. And then we all act as if we are shocked, shocked, shocked.

Did we say anything when many of our main American cities (Atlanta, Detroit, Baltimore, Seattle, NYC to name a few) were under attack, being destroyed and burned to the ground? Innocent business owners lost everything. Innocent people were beaten to a pulp. Federal buildings, police stations, post offices were all being desecrated. Did we say or do anything other than click our tongues and say ‘They’re just burning off some steam. It’s nothing more than peaceful demonstrations“.

Nope. No one said anything. We all just accepted it as another day of life in corrupt America.

This time, however, this time the chaos hit a delicate point. This time, however, it hit where it would hurt and finally create some hope and change. You may not think that America finally changed on Wednesday, January 6th, but it did. Finally. And for the better. Because when all the chaos died down and all the rioters were dragged away, Congress and all those newly elected politicians, young and old finally did their job. They did the job they were elected to do. And that is RUN THIS FRIGGIN’ COUNTRY!

Pence acted like an honest-to-goodness vice president. Politicians had their say and then they got down to business. They calculated, confirmed and voted on the outcome of our Presidential Election. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be duly sworn in on January 20th. Trump has finally accepted his defeat and stated he will no longer be a problem to us Americans. Trump pledges he will peacefully pass his presidential authority over to Joe Biden. Click here for that recent breaking news.

It is unfortunate that it had to take a violent incident on our Capitol Building such as this and a disruption of our Congress to get ‘er done, but nonetheless, there’s clarity in the confusion.

Here’s a full synopsis of what transpired on Wednesday, January 6, 2021:

Now we Americans can finally get back to business.

And just what that might be? We’re in the middle of a pandemic people. Our fellow Americans are dying and we’re still having debates if we should be wearing a mask or not? Are we for real? If not, now is the time we Americans need to get real. 1 in 50 Americans are coming down with Covid-19. We need to get serious. We need to hunker down. We need to ALL be wearing masks, social distancing and washing our hands as often as possible and using alcohol sanitizers if we can’t. What is wrong with all of us?

If we need to shut down restaurants, bars, concert/sport arenas, weddings, and any and all large gatherings then so be it. Do it! Close your business. Take the loss and re-open again when it’s deemed safe to do so. I can not believe that I am actually seeing people eating their dinners outside, in the cold, all bundled up, simply because they don’t want to cook at home or they want some dining experience. And we call those rioters up above crazy? Really?

I lost two businesses of mine during two financial upheavals. One in 1985 when the stock market crashed. And again in 2001 when the Dot Com exploded Wall Street. I know what it’s like to lose a business, have no money, no food and no future. Guess what? We recover. At least this time around there is more government assistance than what I got back in 1985 and 2001 (which BTW was nothing!)

I lost my only brother due to the coronavirus. Do you have any idea how painful and how quick a covid-19 death can be? Why must we believe something only when we experience it ourselves? Until we get this coronavirus under control, life as we knew it won’t seem to exist. Getting this pandemic under control should be all our Number One Goal moving forward. Cut the crap. Cut the whining and let’s all band together and do what we all need to do to get this virus under control.

President Joe Biden has made getting this virus under control his main goal. Let’s put the madness of Trump behind us. Stop it with the nastiness. Stop it with the revenge. We all have bigger problems to deal with. Let’s look at the whole picture. We can all start anew and make America whole again.

A better, new America is coming.

I feel it deep in my heart that things are going to get better for all of us. I know this to be true. I’m never wrong when it comes to my gut feelings. God always said that in the end, the truth will come out. I think a lot of people are finally seeing the truth as it is. Our hospitals, first-responders, police force are all under siege. We need to cooperate with them. Not make their lives worse. Stop it with the name calling, back stabbing, yada, yada, yada. We can’t look backwards. We can only look ahead.

Our America is built on ‘We The People. We all need to cooperate with our health care advisers. We need to buckle down and get this virus under control. We also need to be kind to each other. We have a chance now to finally get it right. If we have to live on less money, then so be it. Let’s learn and do it. If we have to be patient and wait, then let’s do it. All things happen for a reason. I strongly believe we have turned a corner and are on our way.

Only good things now for all of us from here on in.

Note: don’t send me nasty comments. I won’t publish them. I especially do NOT want to hear Trump’s name. Let’s all move forward. Let’s make our number one priority to welcome our new President and support him in any way we can. To do otherwise is just detrimental to all of us and will accomplish nothing. We must get this pandemic under control and we must all realize that our previous lives are never coming back. It’s a new America, folks and we need to adapt to it. Not fight it.