Back in November 2020 I had a gastrointestinal episode. I got so sick from something I ate that I wound up in some kind of coma for two days. If it had lingered any longer, my family was either going to call my doctor or take me to the emergency center. I couldn’t eat for the two days except drink ice cold water. By the third day I came to the decision that if I was going to eat any food, it had to be vegetarian based. My stomach just couldn’t handle anything stronger.

So I started my so called, plant-based life based on my own common sense. Within a week I noticed a substantial improvement in my health. I felt better. I was able to remain awake longer in the day (only 1 nap vs 3). I was able to do more chores. I seemed a bit happier and had a spring in my step. By the third week I had lost ten pounds and I was hooked on my so called, plant-based life!

I’ve been mostly roasting my veggies on a silicone mat. They come out crisp and tasty!

I started watching vegan YouTube videos. I started renting out vegan cook books from my library. I started watching plant-based cooking shows on PBS. I was channeling all my meals towards veganism. I wouldn’t categorize myself as a 100% vegetarian because I still ate eggs, dairy and cheese BUT in lesser amounts, to be honest. The more I studied and cooked vegan, the more and more I discovered how beneficial going meatless can and could be. .

Maybe it’s my imagination or maybe I just didn’t pay attention but I think the whole culinary world today has exploded with a plethora of plant-based food choices. Perhaps it started with the Beyond Burger. No matter how you slice it, plant-based eating seems to have become a new normal.

I tried one of the lentil based ‘burgers’. Had it on a sesame seed brioche bun. As long as you pile on the additional veggie condiments (roasted tomatoes, pickled red onions and dill pickles, as a few choices), it was delish. Made a great lunch!

I’m feeling healthier. I’m loving my new ‘hobby’ (preparing vegan meals). I’ve lost some weight and my cholesterol level has dropped from 290 to 154! Woo hoo!

Who knew?