One fantastic thing about my 3.5 acres, is that it is home to a plethora of animals. I think somehow they all know that they are safe here. So, they visit me quite often. Our pond has it’s share of beavers, frogs, turtles and yes, snakes (ugh). An occasional possum will try to get into our side door (somehow they learned how to turn a doorknob. Go figure!) We have the usual squirrels and rabbits but every once in a while we will spot a bobcat and/or a bear.

We have a plethora of birds and a territorial eagle has set up his domicile right at our front entrance. At night, it’s fun to listen to the owls. Every winter however, not all birds migrate. We have oodles of woodpeckers (both the large and smallish variety) as well as blue jays and cardinals. We make sure we always leave out a suet pack for them to feast on during the frigid, cold, winter months. The other day I got out my trusty, honest-to-goodness real Canon camera, complete with a super zoom lens (my iPhone 11PRO can’t capture these long shot images you’re about to see) Hubby and I care deeply for the animals who reside amongst us. We always make sure they all feel safe here. In turn, they visit us often and make for some really fine camera shots.