Is there anyone out there who believes what any of the news outlets have to report? I don’t. I stopped believing the news the day LBJ (President Lyndon Baines Johnson) told us the Viet Nam war was a righteous, winnable war back in the 1960’s.

The onset of that American war in Vietnam, which was at its most violent between 1965 and 1973, is the subject of these annotated transcripts, made from the recordings President Lyndon B. Johnson taped in secret during his time in the White House. Drawn from the months July 1964 to July1965, these transcripts cover arguably the most consequential developments of U.S. involvement in Vietnam, transforming what had been a U.S. military assistance and advisory mission into a full-scale American war. From the incidents in the Tonkin Gulf in August 1964 to the deployment of forty-four combat troop battalions in July 1965, these months span congressional authorization for military action as well as the Americanization of the conflict. In between lie incidents of increasingly greater magnitude, including the decision to deploy the Marines and the shift from defensive to offensive operations. (click here for this reference)

LBJ knew the Viet Nam war was a failure yet he continued to send young men, many of my friends who were of college age, to their deaths. How could anyone, in God’s name believe anything a government or a news media spews out of their mouths anymore? We The People have been lied to for years and years and years.

Here’s the best lie: get a good education, get a good job, get married, buy a house, lease a car, have 2.5 kids and live the Great American Dream. What a load of crock!

What is Vietnam today? A tourist destination. I know that because my own daughter went to Vietnam for a vacation! Can you imagine soaking up the sun where thousands upon thousands of young American men and women died from fighting a war that our government knew was a losing battle? My daughter knows NOTHING about Viet Nam. NOTHING!

There used to be a way, in the past 3 or 4 years however, we were able to get somewhat of a believable, truthful news report and that was through Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook etc.) Or so I thought. Turns out these new tech giants have decided only they know what is good for the people to hear so they too have now suppressed the truth. Dam the government. Tech Giants now dictate to us retards what they deem for us to know. So, We The People are back to Square One. But wait! It gets worse! These tech giants have crossed their own lines by suppressing other media outlets who purportedly deliver the truth to the masses. Amazon, Google and Apple have now forcibly removed Parler Free Speech off of the internet.

This is what you will see if you try to access Parler

I’m sorry folks but what I see as our future is a complete collapse of our American lives as we knew it. When the public is purposely misled and manipulated there really isn’t much hope for a future. Know what the best advice is going forward: buy some land (preferably farmland) erect a home and live off the grid as much as possible. Don’t believe a god dam thing that spews out of Washington DC. If you can, try to tune into foreign news. Perhaps what the foreigners have to say about America might have a grain of truth in it. I’ve been listening to the BBC news but I am sure they are just as jaded as their American counterparts.

Parler is in turn suing Amazon (click here). By their own account Parler stated they will be back but it is going to take some time. Their best bet is to buy their own servers and NOT depend on anyone else’s servers, such as Amazon. I’m sure Parler has made a good amount of money so far. They should use that profit to set themselves free! As I said, go off the grid and be as independent as you can.

AWS’s (Amazon Web Services) decision to effectively terminate Parler’s account is apparently motivated by political animus. It is also apparently designed to reduce competition in the microblogging services market to the benefit of Twitter , ” according to the complaint, which also accused Amazon of breaching a contract between the parties.

There’s word out on the street of rumors that FOX News is next, as in NewsMax, OAN (One America News) and any other medium that supports conservative views. In other words, we all better think the way Amazon, Google and Twitter want us to think or we’re headed towards elimination too. Doesn’t matter that our First Amendment gives any citizen the right to do or say anything they want, even so much as burning The American Flag or holding a bloody, severed Trump head as a means of supporting Free Speech.

Isn’t Kathy Griffin just lovely? So refined. So respectful.

As for me, I’ve deactivated every single social media account I have. Except for this blog. And even so, I have to be very, very careful what I say and write on my blog. I’ve been getting death threats on my blog writing since 2007 when I first wrote about who I would vote for in the Obama/McCain 2008 election. I don’t enjoy freedom of speech. I’m not really able to truthfully say what I feel or what I think to be a truth.

I do know this though. We’re headed towards a Civil War. 2021 isn’t going to be much better than 2020. We’re going to long for the ‘good old days of 2020‘. We’re going to see horrors and scratch our heads in disbelief as more and more unspeakable acts unfold. All in the middle of a pandemic that really should be our Number One priority. But then again, maybe it’s this pandemic that is causing so much discourse. We’re pumping our selves with drugs that no one yet knows what the repercussions are going to be.

When my brother became ill with the coronavirus, his doctors were pumping him with Remdesivir, the same drug Trump voluntarily took on his own. While on Remdesivir, my brother was hallucinating. He was imagining all these crazy things and would tell them to me, my sister, his wife and his two sons. We all knew he was hallucinating and blamed it on the virus. Turned out the drugs were causing his hallucinations. My brother’s health was improving BUT the doctors, for political reasons, took my brother off the drug whereby his health declined quickly and he later died. His wife, also a doctor, tried to get him back on the program but too many coincidental mishaps happened. First Gilead lost the application, so my SIL refiled. Then Gilead (the drug manufacturer) couldn’t locate the second application, then they did, then they had to review……in the interim, my brother got sicker and sicker till eventually he passed away (a horrible, horrible death I must add).

Has anyone asked if all these Covid-19 drugs are affecting the minds of the human beings receiving them? Can’t we all see that human beings are not acting normal lately? The world is out of control. Nothing makes sense. What if we find out ten years from now that the reason why all this discourse has been happening is from the very thing we thought would save us: vaccine drugs??? Like duh?

Perhaps the reason why Trump is out of control is from all those drugs he pumped himself with? On that one fact alone Trump can be pulled out of office immediately and save all the rest of us from the constant fake news bombardment we get daily out of the phony news outlets. But then again, if it’s leaked that the Covid-19 drugs cause humans to go insane, no one will line up for the vaccine. Our Deep State Government wouldn’t like that.

I’m only basing my presumptions on the facts I went through with my own brother. But what if the conclusion I came to is real?

If my blog suddenly disappears you all will know that I was on to something. I’m in no way stating not to take the vaccine because I’m planning on getting my shot just as soon as some corrupt politician says I can. Better to be insane and alive than dead. Just be prepared that in five to ten years from now, we may be watching television and a commercial will come on from some legal enterprise asking all those who took a Covid-19 drug to join in a mass lawsuit against a pharmaceutical giant who knowingly doled out drugs they knew would drive human beings insane.