Now that I am back into the vegetarian groove, I’ve been aching for a wok. Woks are great for stir frying veggies and making an almost authentic fried rice dish. I used to have a fabulous wok back in my bohemian days but unfortunately I donated it around 10 years ago. That’s what is so bad sometimes about getting rid of stuff. You just might never know when you may need it again. Oh well.

Hubby gave me a $50 Amazon gift card for Christmas, so I thought I would use it to buy a new wok. Have you seen the prices of a good quality wok these days? It’d be hard pressed to find one under $50. That’s way above my pay grade. Nonetheless, I persisted and found this neat, 12 inch stainless steel wok (dishwasher safe!) for $39 ($42 with tax) so I bought it using my gift card. It came within Amazon’s infamous two day delivery schedule and hubby and I couldn’t wait to try it.

This is the $42 stainless steel wok. It came with a glass cover.
Here is the one and only meal we made with the stainless steel wok.

Hubby made his usual stir fry broccoli and chicken. He said the stainless steel wok was a disappointment. He couldn’t get it hot enough and he wasn’t able to fast cook anything. He gave the wok a mediocre review. After I washed it, I just hung it up on the potting hook and sadly regretted wasting $42 but not disappointed enough to go back to Amazon and buy a $50+ wok.

When I got this week’s Aldi flyer, guess what was on sale for only $9.99 (that’s really ten dollars!)

It’s made of non-stick coated carbon steel, has wooden-like handles on both sides, perfect for stir fry cooking, can be used on gas/electric/glass ceramic/induction stove tops and is 14 inches vs the 12 inches that stainless steel wok I bought (and returned and got a full refund!!! That’s a savings of $32!!!)

Here’s my new Aldi wok. Can’t wait to use it tonight!
Here’s all the info on it.

We got to Aldi this morning right after they opened. When Aldi has finds like this, they sell out quickly. We arrived at 9:30 and they only had 4 woks for sale. Score! Just hope this wok is a good one. But then again, at this price, anything would suffice.

We’re making another stir fry tonight of broccoli, mushrooms and onions (with ginger and sesame oil) over brown rice. I’m also going to try my hand at making tofu as our protein source. I’ll post some pics as soon as we are done!

Aldi saves me money$$$$$

Here’s an update on my cooking with the new wok. It’s a winner!