I’m getting my covid-19 vaccine this afternoon, long before the State Of New York planned on me getting it. According to the states sign-up website, hubby and I were scheduled to get our vaccines mid-April, at a location over 250 miles away from our home. We probably would have had to stay in a hotel overnight or lug our RV out to booneyland.

What’s happening instead, is many of the local hospitals around where we live, that are located in poor neighborhoods aren’t getting the turnout they thought they would. Many people are refusing to get the vaccine and the hospitals are finding themselves at the end of the day with several open vials of the vaccine which must be tossed into the garbage.

Nothing like being part of a well thought out distribution plan, right?

So, the hospitals are reaching out to the elderly (that would be me) and the infirm (but you must be over the age of 65, so that lets out my husband) that if you sign up late afternoon, you just may snag a shot for yourself at the end of the day. That would be me. I’m glad that it’s going to be in a hospital setting because I have allergies, which I alerted them of, so I will be put in a special chamber. Or something. Whatever. At this stage of the game I am so disgusted with everything, I really don’t care if I live or die. In fact, my password is: IdontCareIfILiveorDie or some such derivative or variant. I just want this bullshit to be over.

My other concern is that hubby and I may be walking into a Covid-19 cesspool. I’m certain the virus is rampant in the hospital setting, especially at the end of the day when all their disinfectant procedures become a bit lax. Either way, I’m sorry to say that I am prepared to die. I’ve been stuck inside my home since March 1, 2020. I was supposed to be back in Florida this January 1, 2021. I had a three month reservation, that I planned for most of my life. Rather than spend just a week or two out in the sun, my retirement goal was to spend 3 months in the sun every winter. I bought an RV specifically for this purpose. It took me a long time to find an affordable location only to lose my reservation forever and ever. ALL my friends are in Florida or have relocated there except for me. I’m depressed. There just is no other word for me to describe myself.

It’s tough to be old and cold.

I’ve been trying to keep a stiff upper lip but it’s no use. I can’t hide my depression and disgust anymore. I want out of here! I’m sorry to say that if I survive these shots, I’m meeting my sister (who already got her series of shots in Florida, of course!) in Vero Beach and she and I are going to buy me a manufactured, affordable home in Vero Beach and I am finally going to live my own life the way I want to live my life. At the beach! If it means without my husband, then so be it. I’m tired of fighting with him every single year. He hates Florida. I love it there. I’m done. I’m 70 years old and I’m prepared to live my life alone and in an affordable situation.

I’ve gone through the numbers. If I live a smallish life, I can afford it. So, me and my little dog are leaving town and I hope to God I never come back here. We both can do fine in this spectacular park model, under 500 sq ft. I have the cash to pay for it outright. The lot lease is only $400 a month. Very affordable. And five minutes from the beach!