We just got an air fryer and we’re so happy we did! We got it first so we can take some time off from cooking everything from scratch. We’re exhausted and need a break! We heard a lot of good things about air fryers and decided to give it a whirl.

Air fryers come in all sizes and all price points. I originally saw one advertised for sale in the Aldi weekly newsletter. Unfortunately, I got there to late to chime in and buy a 5.8qt air fryer for only $59.99. I did a bit of research and came up with something comparable to Adi’s and it was eleven cents cheaper! I got this great 5 qt Gourmia air fryer from WalMart (free delivery) and it’s been working out just fine. The food comes out crispy and tasty. The center part goes in to the dishwasher. Other than popping the frozen foods into the center bin and setting the dials, there really isn’t anything much left that has to be done.

It’s a wee bit oversized for my counter space, so I made room in my pantry to store my air fryer when not in use. Sizes vary so take your time in selecting what’s right for you. This 5 qt model is perfect for two people and 8 chicken wings without too much in-fighting. LOL!

So far, I’ve made veggie fries (carrot, turnip and sweet potato). I toasted up some store bought croissants and they came out flaky and crusty, as if they were just first baked! I made some chicken nuggets, vegan mozzarella sticks and some finger-lickin’ chicken tenders. I bought all the ingredients at Aldi. All were frozen except for the croissants (not pictured because we ate the all as soon as they came out of the fryer.

You just select the temperature, set the timer (allow the first five minutes as a warm-up time) and then sit back and wait for all that deliciousness to come pouring out!