We’ve all been put on alert that starting Monday morning and ending sometime on Wednesday, a record amount of snow (up to 3 feet) is going to be dumped on our area. Click here. We’ve been busy getting set up (food, water, generator) and prepared for this blizzard. Makes me more sorry we couldn’t get down to Florida sooner this year (due to Covid).

Oh well. It is what it is.

We’ve also been hit with a bunch of zero degree days (and nights). Baby it’s been cold outside (and inside!) My only big fear is having our electricity cut and relying on our generator to give us heat. Should anything go wrong, we would be in deep doo doo. So, prayers for success are in order.

Hubby was out this morning making sure our snowblower was all geared up and ready to go. He’ll have to do several passes throughout the two day snow bombardment to make sure we have access to the outside world AND we can get our cars in and out of here.

Wish us luck. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, you’ll now know why. If anyone out there is also in the blizzard’s path, my prayers are with you. Good luck!