This was my week. I decided to go more vegan a scant few months ago. More and more vegan products are coming on to the market. Have you tried any of them? I did. And they suck. I tried Aldi’s new line of lentil burgers. If you like having a mouthful of mush excrement in your mouth, then these lentil burgers are for you. If not, steer clear. Ditto for Bolthouse’s new line of carrot juice (which BTW, I used to love!) Now they added in lemons, ginger and tumeric. Not only is it undrinkable, it’s unswallable. Plan on spitting this out too.

Thankfully, Aldi has a 100% satisfaction policy. I returned two boxes of lentil burgers and one bottle of carrot juice and got a $12.57 return, which I instructed the cashier to apply to my new order. The customer dissatisfaction doesn’t stop here. When I got home and looked at my receipt (I know, I know, I should have looked at the receipt while still in the store, but this was Saturday, another snow storm was coming and Aldi’s was a madhouse!) the cashier never credited the $12.57 to my bill. Hubby went back, spoke to the store manager, showed him all the receipts and got our refund in cash. Oh well.

Back in November I bought myself a brand new, electric throw. It gets cold here some winter nights and it’s nice to have a heated blanket over one’s legs while watching TV or reading. I ordered this Sunbean electric throw for only $31 from Amazon. Unfortunately, it only worked for a few months. When I contacted Amazon they stated they couldn’t replace the item for the same price. The throw was now $60, so I requested my money back. When I got my refund it was only for $25. I got on the chat line with Amazon, who in turn told me the discrepancy was a computer error. The $6 was promptly refunded to my account.

That was Number 2, whereby a company or sales rep tried to shortchange me. I’m getting tired of this. If I wasn’t vigilant and paid attention, I’d slowly be losing money.

Here’s Number 3. My vegan quest directed me to the world of air fryer, low calorie cooking. I settled on this 2.6 qt air fryer from Dash because it came in white (vs black) and looked compact and good enough to be left out on my kitchen counter. It seemed to work well, until I noticed the settings on the dial started to disappear. Without those settings on the timer, it would be impossible to cook anything in the air fryer. This time I could get a replacement BUT in hindsight, what’s to stop the new replacement air fryer from having the same problem? Time will tell.

Today is Sunday, February 7th and that means Super Bowl Chicken Wings Day. I used my (defective) air fryer to rustle up some already-prepared, frozen chicken wings and they came out just fine. Ditto for the frozen, crinkle-cut french fries. I stuck somewhat to my vegan, plant-based diet. I boiled up some corn-on-the-cobs I had left over from the summer, frozen in my freezer. And I warmed up a can of vegetarian beans in tomato sauce.

Here’s hoping my next week’s commercialism exchanges will be better.

Enjoy the half-time entertainment!