When I got my extra freezer, I was supposed to make a freezer list of the contents held within. Needless to say I didn’t. Now, however, since we’ve been eating out of the freezer, it’s contents are down and I am able to finally make that list (before heading out and stocking it once again). Imagine my surprise when I found a hidden eye round roast (beef) stuck in the back of a bottom shelf. Hubs and I have been on a losing battle of trying to eat more vegan, plant-based foods and we’ve been failing terribly. Let’s face it: we’ve been eating a Mediterranean Diet for decades and it looks like we’re not going to stop any time soon. But it was nice trying something new and different. Plus, I did learn a few inventive vegetarian recipes.

Now, back to that beef. Hubby has a friend who owns a farm that once a year turns one of their cows into meals. Hubby ordered a few steaks and as noted, we forgot he also ordered a 3 pound eye round roast. Needless to say, after weeks of pathetic plant-based meals, we were overjoyed at the thought of rustling up a roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy on a blistery cold February afternoon!

In a word: amazing. The roast was like ‘butter’. It had just the perfect level of fat around it to make the beef cook evenly and tender. It was so good we had roast beef sandwiches the next day for breakfast and lunch. I was in heaven having mashed potatoes with home made gravy and small canned peas. Hubby called his friend and ordered two more roasts. For the freezer. Now included on my updated list!

Side note: a person from the UK posted the price she was paying for a fresh turkey breast ($41.35) on Twitter (product of the United States). She had posted it to show her mother but it went viral. Here it is. FYI, what happens in England, sometimes happens here. Stock up folks. Whilst ye can.