This pandemic has got to be surreal. It’s as if I am floating in the Twilight Zone. The immenseness of it all is mind baffling to say the least. Again, I had to go back to my ground zero vax location and get the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. It’s hard to believe that our lives have been turned topsey turvey and I am allowing this stranger to pump God knows what into my arms. Thankfully, other than pain in my upper arms (first one was the left arm, second was the right arm) I’m doing AOK. Maybe.

One side effect that is starting to be revealed is some women are experiencing tenderness in their breasts. That is exactly what has happened to me. It feels as if you have a lump in your breast but when you feel around for it, you can’t find anything. Yet, if I raised my arm or reached for something, I felt a big, solid round, painful lump in my breast the size of a ping pong ball. Also, lump pain in my arm pit but when I felt around, there was nothing. I got so worried, thinking I had breast cancer, I made a mental note to call my doctor and schedule a mammogram as soon as I got my second shot.

Stock photo of a mammogram

Thankfully, I just read this article: “Don’t Schedule A Mammogram Near Covid-19 Vaccine, Doctors Warn” click here for more info. Apparently what I am going through is turning out to be a common side effect.

Some women who receive the coronavirus vaccine may experience axillary adenopathy, also known as swollen lymph nodes, following vaccination. A doctor in Ohio recently warned that this reaction could be confused for a sign of breast cancer, as many patients are finding swollen lymph nodes under the same arm that they received the jab

Some trial participants for the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, for instance, reported side effects including swollen lymph nodes, In an effort to avoid causing alarm among patients, physicians at Intermountain Healthcare have encouraged women who recently received the jab to delay their annual mammogram for at least four weeks following their second dose. Or, patients should come in before receiving the first dose.

So, I guess I will wait the four weeks after this second shot before I schedule a mammogram and hope everything is alright and these doctors are correct. Other than that, I am fine. A bit relieved that I’m not going to die from the coronavirus. Naturally, I thought of my brother. He didn’t make it. If only he had…….

Greetings, earthlings! Maybe I can finally get my retirement living back on track? Ya think?