We have a few days of extreme cold weather coming our way and with that knowledge comes the realization that our power will probably go out. No worries. We have a backup generator. Unfortunately, however, it’s just enough to keep the essentials on, such as heat , hot water and refrigerator. It’s not powerful to charge up the kitchen stove. The microwave and coffee maker work, so we’re always guaranteed to get a hot drink and a hot meal, provided it’s pre-cooked and just needs a warm up.

So, I spent yesterday cooking up a storm (pardon the pun) and made a big batch of Asian chicken and broccoli stir-fry over jasmine rice and a spinach lasagna. Both these dishes can be easily warmed up in the microwave and will keep us fed throughout the power outages (they’ve been known to go on for days here).

I prepare the stir-fry in a 14 inch wok I just purchased. It works great. Everything cooks perfectly and evenly. I make the rice in a rice cooker which means it comes out balanced every time. The lasagna is so good, you can eat it hot or cold. For dinner, lunch and even for breakfast! Perfect with a cup of strong coffee. LOL!

It’s a good thing I pre-prepared these foods because as soon as the snow, ice and wind hit, our power went out at 8:30AM Tuesday morning. What did we have for breakfast (once the generator kicked on)? You guess it. Lasagna! It was delicious. Good thinking on my part!