Being forced to stay inside my home this past year, due to the pandemic, gave me a lot of time to think about my life and going forward. First off, I’m happy and lucky to still be alive. My brother and ex-SIL weren’t as lucky. They both died due to the pandemic.

Back in November 2020, I was so distraught with my life here in America I had contemplated moving back to the homeland of my father, Italy. Click here for that info. My dad had left half of his parent’s home ownership to my brother, my sister and myself (now just to my sister and me). When I got in touch with my Italian cousins, who share part ownership with us, they told me that life in Italy had gotten so severe that the three of them had no choice but to sell the family home of our parents in order to survive. My sister and I were not upset because our dad had been sending them money for years. Without that American money and now with the onslaught of Covid-19, it was understandable and forgivable to us over what they had done. We only wished them well going forward. Italy has suffered greatly under the Great Pandemic. I have no idea if and when we can ever return. Italy is still without a vaccine program.

Another escape hatch I had contemplated was since we could no longer openly travel back and forth to winter in Florida, I had contemplated buying a manufactured home in Florida and staying there for 5 to 6 months out of the year. But after careful thought, hubby and I realized we already own a beautiful home up here in New York. After two failed relocations to Florida (Tampa and Sarasota) we didn’t want to make it Three’s A Crowd. Why rock the steady boat? I nixed buying anything in Florida permanently.

It turned out, after a year of contemplation, that my original plan, RVing to Florida in the winter, Newport RI in the summer and some other locations in-between was and still is the right choice for us. We have a beautiful, permanent home to live in. Rather than run away as I normally used to do (thinking I was unhappy) being forced to stay inside this home for a year completely changed my mind.

Turns out Dorothy (from the Wizard Of Oz) was right: There’s No Place Like Home!

Unfortunately, here in New York upstate, it’s still too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Our RV solves those two problems. We did good.

Every Sunday, at the end of the week, I like to post some of the food dishes we prepared for ourselves during the week. Some are fresh. Some are leftovers. Some were quick frozen when last cooked months ago and defrosted and microwaved for an easy day off from cooking.

Tender, right off the bone, a rack of Baby Back Ribs with a side of home-made cole slaw!

My favorite breakfast meal: cheesy grits (very southern!) and grilled breakfast apple maple chicken sausages. So good!

Home made pizzas using Naan bread. Spinach Pie filled with leftover spinach and cheeses. De-frosted minestrone soup warmed up for the very last time. Delish!