Ever since hubby retired (unofficially a few months ago) he’s been insisting on accompanying me on my once a week shopping sprees. In the beginning it was nice to have someone tag along. That is until I started looking at the store receipts. I noticed that every time we stopped to get gas, hubby would go inside the gas store to pay BUT he always came out with a little something.

A few times it would be a cup of coffee. Maybe some breath mints. Or a buttered roll. At first I didn’t think much of it but today……well, today all hell broke loose. Those things are starting to add up and it needs to stop, pronto. Now that we bought our newish car the other day, and I had to take a good deal of cash out of our savings account (click here for the details) my financial goals going forward have changed. We need to start saving money again and re-fill our coffers. Hubby knows this. We discussed it. But apparently it went in one ear and out the other. No way, Jose’. Things are different now. Our spending habits must change. There is no way in hell I am going to spend my senior years in poverty. Let me explain.

Our local Aldi’s ran out of dog bones (@$1.69 a box). After going to the store twice, we decided to try another outlet in another town. So, we hopped in our newish car to take our first ride and drive to a different county about 12 more miles further away. Hubby needed gas. He stopped to buy gas and sure enough he comes out with some extra goodies. A cup of coffee which neither one of us needed nor wanted ($1.25) and a bag of pretzels ($2.59) “Why did you buy these?” I asked. His reply was that he feels guilty just going into a Quick Mart and just buying gas. “But isn’t that what a Quick Mart is for? BUYING GAS??” Hubby just shrugged. Hubby wasted $3.84 in addition to us paying for the higher cost of gasoline nowadays!

We made it to the next county and hubby went in to Aldi’s to buy dog bones. They didn’t have them either. But hubby bought himself one dark chocolate bar for $1.99 BUT when I looked over his receipt (which he knows you’re supposed to do BEFORE you leave the store, he was charged for two dark chocolate bars!) Also, he bought dog treats, which we didn’t need because we already have them at home. PLUS he bought a small eco bag for .99, which again we don’t need. We have tons home. I told him to get the paper bag for just a nickle. To add insult to injury when I returned the shopping cart, the quarter wouldn’t return, as the cart was defective. All in all, hubby wasted $5.52 (plus tax) on this fast pit stop.

Here is his receipt:

Next, we made a pit stop at Tractor Supply because they usually have dog bones. They didn’t. But this time hubby bought the dogs Variety Snaps which work just as well as dog bones and he picked up another much needed can of wet puppy food. Unfortunately, he also bought himself a bag of crappy, candy licorice and wasted another $2.99 (plus tax) doing so.

Here’s that receipt:

At the end of the day, hubby overspent in the amount of $12.35 (plus tax).

This is totally unacceptable! If he were to be so reckless like this every week, at the end of the year he would have mindlessly spent $642.22 (plus tax, so throw in another $51.38) for a grand total of $693.60!

THAT’S ALMOST $700 OF TOTALLY FOOLISH, WASTEFUL SPENDING! People scoff (as my husband does) at these little nickle and dime expenditures but they can add up to a lot of money quickly. Needless to say, all hell broke loose today. I entered another screaming match and lay down the law that this mindless spending has to cease and desist immediately. We’re too old now to be so reckless and careless.

This is why I would prefer to either grocery shop online or do the curbside delivery option. Statistics show that when you shop online you don’t overspend nor do you purchase impulse items. Unfortunately, Aldi doesn’t offer these services to us because we live so remotely. I can get these services with other grocery chains BUT their prices are 40% higher than Aldi’s so it’s not feasible.

My only other option is to tell hubby to stay home from now on. He’s got his dream car now. He should stay home and tinker in the garage with it like most other men do.