I started off last week buying a kitchen scale. Based on a tip from a fellow frugalista, having a kitchen scale can save you a lot of money. She uses it to evenly divvy up meats equally for the freezer and as a tool to weigh out equitable amounts of food for portion control. Both methods, she claims, saves her a lot of money in the long run. So, for around $11 bucks, I bought a digital scale (in white to match all my other kitchen appliances). Hubby weighed out a bunch of turkey burgers and we froze them all for future use.

This is the scale I recently purchased from Amazon. So far we used it to weigh out equal amounts of chopped turkey for burgers, chili, meatloaf and stews.

I got a great deal this week on split, whole (bone in) chicken breasts @.99 a pound! I bought 8 breasts and froze them in freezer bags, two to a bag. I labeled, dated and froze everything for future use.

Lastly, when hubs and I parked our car in the supermarket parking lot, when I opened my door I found a plethora of pennies on the ground. Naturally, my first instinct was to bend over and pick them up. Hubby absolutely refused! He thinks everything is contaminated with germs. I say coins and my hands can be washed later. In any event, he admonished me from picking them up. (that’s why he will always be a poor boy and I will always be a rich girl) When we got back to the car after shopping, all the pennies were gone. “Someone who needed the money picked them up” hubby justified. “What makes you think we didn’t need the money?” was my reply. When the day comes that I don’t stoop down to pick up a penny, it will be the day that I no longer care about money. I will always care about money!

The pennies probably totaled around fifty cents. My question is, how can anyone so casually throw money away, even if it is pennies?

This week I made a lot of pasta dishes. I made my customary mac & cheese. I made a big batch of chicken broth this week and used it in a few soup recipes. I added in some veggies to my weekly bowl of ramen noodles and tried my hand at making matzoh ball soup. The balls didn’t form so well BUT the soup nonetheless was delicious. I toasted up some leftover French bread for croutons and I made a jar of my home-made Caesar Salad Dressing for my romaine lettuce salads. Hubby fried up some very tasty turkey burgers, of which I loaded up with ketchup, pickles and a big slice of red onion. Delish!