A few weeks ago I filled up my car’s gas tank (12.5 gallons @ $2.00 per gallon) and the bill came to $25. Yesterday I filled up the same car with the same amount of gallons (12.5 gallons @ $2.79) and the bill came to $35. In my book, that’s an increase of seventy nine cents (.79) per gallon. On my calculator, that comes to a 39.5% increase in gas prices. With no end in sight.

A few weeks ago I went to my favorite grocery store, where I have been shopping for the last five years (Aldi) and I bought my usual: a dozen eggs for 1.00, my fave english muffins for .99 cents, artisan flatbread (makes great pizzas) at $2.99 for two and my standard loaf of white whole wheat bread (sounds like an oxymoron, right?) for $1.19. Yesterday, I went back to the same Aldi and purchased the same exact standards that I normally get, only this time I paid $1.25 for a dozen eggs, $1.19 for the english muffins, $3.09 for the flatbreads and $1.29 for the loaf of bread. So, what used to cost me $6.17 for those standards, now costs me $6.82. My trusty calculator showed me that the sixty-five cents I had to pay more turned out to be a 10.5% increase in my standard, everyday food costs. And I haven’t gotten to the meat or dairy departments yet.

Both you and I know that inflation is rearing it’s ugly head. The more the government prints money, the less productive Americans are, the less our paper money is going to be worth and the higher we are going to pay in prices for everything from A (apples) to Z (zinnias for the garden). The price of gasoline isn’t going up due to a shortage in production. The price of gasoline has recently gone up because the pipeline has been shut down and the distributors decided to raise the price of a gallon of gasoline NOW so they can fill their coffers with profit money in anticipation of shortages. Got it? Read that sentence over again. We have no shortages or production decreases NOW. The price increase is in anticipation of those increases.

According to the Fact Checking article from Politifact (click here) gas prices only went up .35 per gallon since Biden took office and food costs have only risen a mere 1%. So what if Biden shut down the pipeline? That has NOTHING to do with what you and I are feeling today at the pump and food costs have only risen 3.5% since last year. Only 3.5%%??? Did your income (if you are blessed to have one) go up 3.5% since last year? Didn’t think so.

Look at the first two sentences. Since Biden took office a gallon of gas has gone up .34 cents. Yet, sentence #2 states Biden’s shut down of the pipeline had no effect on current gas prices. But didn’t they just say that gas went up .34 cents a gallon?? So, which is it? And that future gas prices will be affected by the pipeline shutdown? Paying .34 cents per gallon more and 3.5% higher for food equals pain to me. What about you?

As to higher food costs (as well as higher prices on everything else, especially new cars and housing) it is for several reasons. One of them being the government has seized both trucks and truckers to pick up and deliver much needed and vitally important vaccines for Americans. I don’t know about you but even though the food shortages have ceased somewhat over the past few months, I’m still having trouble finding some products in stock. For example, hubby and I have been looking for weeks for a special dog food, common dog bones and some other pet necessities. Perhaps “they” think pet supplies aren’t as important as human supplies? I don’t know. All I know is it has taken a few weeks to get a certain, plain canned dog food and we still can’t get our fave dog bones. (I wound up getting a 7 pound box from Amazon. It was the best I could do and yes! I overpaid! )

Like a fool, I bought Easter candy for my two grandkids. This smallish haul set me back $32! Peeps last year were .99 each. This year they were $1.15 Without a calculator, that’s a 16% increase. My math teacher would be so proud!

Please don’t think that We The People are stupid. We’re not. We feel the pain and you can write superlative articles debunking our feelings all you want but we know what we know. More important: we know what we feel! Prices for almost everything we need are going up. The reason why isn’t as important as what We The People can do about it. Sure, we can buy substitutions or simply do without. Just stop lying to us because it makes you look worse than a fool. Inflation is a tax. It’s how the government controls the financial moneyline. It’s how the government controls us. Inflation causes people to buy less, thus falsely forcing The Fed to lower interest rates. There are more people flush with government funded cash vying and buying the same exact things you and I need and want. Too many shoppers with too little production creates shortages and raises the prices on practically everything.

In other words, you and I are merely pawns in a powerhouse for play. The government manipulates us in a game of global chess. Guess what? Game over. Checkmate! We’ve got some brutal, hard times coming our way.