When hubs and I are down south, nothing brings a smile to our faces quicker than a down home, old fashioned, southern style, Sunday dinner. I’m talking about BBQ pulled pork, bacon and beans, creamy dressing cole slaw and corn bread on the side.

First I’ll talk about the beans. I bought a pound of dried navy beans (just perfect for pork and beans!) for only $1.32 at Wal Mart. I purchased a few more pounds for my pantry. I soaked the pound of dry beans overnight. Boiled them for an hour the very next day and then used them in this delicious slow cooker recipe (click here). Usually I would cook these beans for 6 to 8 hours in my oven, but with the high costs of energy lately, I opted for my slow cooker instead. I cooked them on high for 7 hours in my slow cooker. I had so much left over after dinner that I was able to can two jars of baked beans for later on this month. (BTW, these beans freeze up very well, up to 3 months in the freezer)

All of this for only $1.32. The recipe I followed recommended a full pound of bacon. I only used four strips. Plus I had a left-over red onion vs the white onion the recipe called for. I chopped the red onion up nice and fine and nobody knew the difference.

Next, came the pork roast, which I also made in another crock pot. Aldi’s sells these little sirloin pork roasts, all under 2 to 3 pounds which are just perfect to make pulled pork for around 2 to 4 people. This little roast we made on Sunday was enough for 8 to 10 pulled pork sandwiches for only $4.26. I followed this recipe (click here) to make a simple, Texas-styled yet awesome pulled pork roast. I served it with a side of creamy cold slaw. (click here for the recipe). The raw, bagged, shredded cole slaw only cost $1.29 at Aldi (WalMart sells it also) and I simply added in my own home-made dressing. (Note: in addition to the cole slaw recipe I did add in a tablespoon of dijon mustard. I like the taste of that mustard in a lot of things!) We made several pulled pork sandwiches (on hamburger rolls @.89 cents from Aldi), complete with BBQ sauce and pickles!

Lastly, came the corn bread. For only .49 cents, I bought this well loved, Jiffy corn muffin mix which makes an excellent cornbread. You can add in a can of either cream-style corn or drained whole corn kernels for that extra punch. I just made an 8in X 8in corn bread as per package directions (sorry-no photo of the cornbread).

So, for only $8.25 plus using up what I already had in my kitchen pantry (molasses, brown sugar, eggs, a few strips of bacon) I was able to rustle up a really fine Sunday afternoon dinner, complete with leftovers to enjoy later on in the week.

I started the meal at 8AM. By 4PM, hubby and I sat down to a low-budget, cost-effective, totally scrumptious Sunday afternoon dinner! Bon appittito!

Our next favorite Sunday dinner is lasagna. Stay tuned for that!