This past Lenten season, we’re supposed to eat fish every Friday. How this requirement came about is a mystery to me now but as a child I knew the answer.

You are not allowed to eat meat or poultry on Ash Wednesday or any Friday during Lent – but you can eat fish. During Biblical times, fish and seafood was a cheap — or free — option, and not considered a luxury. Many people give up meat for Lent as it’s the total opposite — at least it was during Jesus’ day.

Over this Lenten period we’ve been eating frozen fish, such as flounder, haddock and one fresh choice of salmon every Friday in keeping up with this outdated tradition. For some reason, it just feels good to have fish once a week as it’s a bit easier on the wallet than beef, chicken or pork.

One pound of frozen flounder fillets reveal 6 pieces per package. Last week I made 4 of the 6 pieces of fish. “Why not make them all?” hubby questioned. Cooking, for me, as it is in real life, is always about saving for a rainy day. Sure I could have cooked all six pieces of flounder but we’d be overeating IMHO. Four pieces, which would be portioned out to two fillets per person, was more than enough to cover our dinner.

Here are the 2 leftover flounder fillets plus one haddock fillet sliced horizontally to equal two pieces:

Fast forward to this past Friday and I defrosted the last two remaining pieces of flounder (as well as one piece of haddock, sliced thinly) and tried out a new recipe with them. I made fish tacos. You can find the recipe here. I have to say this was the first time I ever made fish tacos and they came out perfectly. The recipe called for tilapia but I substituted the flounder and haddock, which worked out great. I was able to make four fish tacos from the remaining two pieces of flounder, which meant I made an extra meal. Hubby was impressed and understood (finally) what I was talking about. You never go whole hog and use up everything in one sitting. You portion it out and you save for a rainy day.

The chopped veggies and avocado (that I had frozen in the freezer) made a nice tossing and I have to agree with the recipe author: the mayo/sour creme dressing was delish! I served up everything wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. This recipe is a keeper and will go into my new bound folder. Enjoy!

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