I said I wasn’t going to do it (buy a leg of lamb for Easter) but I did it anyway. I watched the supermarket flyers and when I noticed one of the super stores put leg of lambs on sale @$5.99 a pound, I was first in line to buy me one. Please note that we haven’t had leg of lamb for Easter for a few years now. The prices have been just too prohibitive. Last year, a decent size leg of lamb was priced at $54. We had a honey ham instead.

Usually, I could score the lamb at a total cost of $25. This year, I’m happy to say we came near close to it. I procured a 5.50 pound leg of lamb for $33 OUCH! But in light of everything going on around us……why not? I’m determined to have a Happy Easter Holiday this year and a leg of lamb fits the bill! No pun intended.

I also splurged on Easter candy for my two granddaughters ($32). And I purchased a traditional Italian Easter cake ($11.99) direct from Italy from Ferrara’s as a perfect dessert closure to a near perfect Easter feast. Hubs will probably make a side of mashed sweet potatoes and a side of roasted brussel sprouts.

Spring is the sign of re-birth. The time has come to get back into enjoying life and time with the family. And don’t forget the tulips!

Buono Pasqua!

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