No sooner than a few days after writing this post (click here) where I was whining and complaining about the added dog/pet expenses I’ve been burdened with lately, God took away my older dog, in a quick second. I guess that was to get even with me for complaining in the first place. And for being ungrateful.

When I got up this morning, before I took out my puppy to relieve herself outside, I glanced over to my older dogs bed to check in on her and it looked like she was still sleeping. So, I didn’t want to wake her and just went about my business. I had to call our electric company because it looked like they quadrupled billed us on our March electric bill. I went in to my office, with my puppy and proceeded to make my phone call. I was put on hold for at least a half-hour, which has been very common lately. We’ve been spending hours waiting on phones waiting to speak to someone in Customer Service, which due to the pandemic has fewer and fewer employees to handle the ever increasing case loads.

Hubby had taken our RV in for spring check-up and to have a warranty item repaired. When he came home, I didn’t hear him come in the house but I was just wrapping up my phone call with the electric company. Since we had so many snowstorms the meter was never properly read. It was always estimated since December. Now, with the warmer weather, they got an accurate reading. No increase to our budget payments, as of yet.

When I opened my office door, I saw a urine puddle in the middle of the kitchen floor. I knew it wasn’t the puppy because she was with me all morning long. Our big dog, Chloey was gone and the side door was open. I figured hubby was out walking the dog. She probably had to go really bad since he was gone for a very long time and I didn’t attend to her issues. I never did. Big dog was hubby’s dog. Puppy was my dog.

I cleaned up the mess. I even smelled it to see if it smelt like urine, which it did not. I thought maybe hubby spilled a glass of water or something. I opened the side door and called out to hubby but there was no reply. I figured the two had gone for one of their ‘long walks’.

Just then the phone rang. I usually never answer my cell phone but it was coming from our vet. I’m in the middle of submitting puppy’s vet bills to our insurance company so I thought our vet was calling me with a question. When I answered the call, it was my husband. He told me when he got home, Chloey came out of the bedroom, walked towards him and then collapsed. She was shaking and she had difficulty breathing. He immediately picked her up, grabbed his car keys and drove her to the vet in our other car.

Everyone at the vet’s office stopped whatever they were doing and attended to Chloey. They gave her oxygen. They took X-rays. They did scans. They thought she had a heart attack and were giving her meds to bring her back. Chloey was slowly slipping away. Eventually, Chloey passed away. She died in her beloved master’s arms (the two of them were best buddies and inseparable). My husband closed Chloey’s eyes. She took her last breadth while he held her. Nick turned to the vet and said she was gone. The vet checked to see if there was any heartbeat and there was none.

And just like that, our beloved pet, best friend, best pal Chloey died at the age of ten years.

I thought maybe she was poisoned or it was her dog food or she ate something outside that didn’t agree with her. Naturally, when all of this was happening I reached for my prayer beads and called out to God to help us. But I knew. I knew my dog was going to die this morning. I knew God was not going to help her. God didn’t help my brother when he died of Covid last April. God didn’t help my sister-in-law when she died last month from complications of lung disease (probably brought on from the remnants of her jaunt with Covid). What made me think God would help me now? He has killed almost every single thing I ever loved (including the early death of my mother)

I thought God was getting even with me for having the audacity to complain about anything, after He had been so good to me for so many years. Now there would be only one dog for us to take care of, regardless that the older dog never cost us a penny. She was a rescue dog who was so appreciative to have a forever home, she never once gave us a bit of trouble. Only the good die young. Chloey was the most obedient, respectful, easiest dog to have, train and raise. She was the love of the neighborhood. All the little kids used to come by to pet their Chloey. The delivery people adored Chloey and always had a bone or two ready for her when she met their trucks.

And now she is gone forever.

Yup, God. You punished me well. Better than any human could have. My husband is beside himself and can not be consoled. My daughters have been crying for hours. You’ve taken almost everything away from us. Thanks. I learned your lesson well: the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

Here’s a recent photo of Nick and our beloved Chloey. May she rest in peace forever.

Our vet just called us back to tell us that she re-looked at Chloey’s X-rays. What she was able to decipher was that Chloey had a tumor on her heart and it must have erupted this morning. Chloey held on and stayed alive and waited for Nick to come home. She wanted to be with him one last time. She must have known she was dying. Chloey collapsed in Nick’s arms and remained alive, just long enough to get one last hug from her beloved master. The two of them got to say good bye to each other. After Chloey passed, Nick closed her eyes and held his most wonderful dog, pressed to him, for the very last time.

I won’t be posting for a while. You guys will understand.