Deepak Chopra was gracious enough to reveal the five top tips, as per his recommendations, on how you (and I) can achieve financial wellness during these most difficult times. You can read the full article here. Failure of the majority of us NOT achieving financial wellness, according to Chopra, could lead to a ‘global disaster’.

Total well-being encompasses purpose — or career— social, physical, community and financial factors, Deepak said. For example, community well-being can mean feeling safe and involved in your community, while social well-being can be the quality of the relationships you have with family and friend.

Financial health is more than just where you stand with your money. If you are financially stressed, it will send your cortisol levels up and weaken your immune system.

Yet the pandemic is also the cause of financial anxiety for so many. Millions of jobs have been lost, pay has been cut and some parents had to leave the workforce to care for children.

“It does not have to do with the amount of money you have.”

“It has to do with how secure you feel with the money you have.”

Here are Chopra’s five tips for financial wellness:

  1. Don’t spend money you have not earned to buy things that you don’t need, to impress people you don’t like.
  2. Put away 10% of your income every month.
  3. Find an employer who takes care of their employees and offers benefits like retirement, disability and insurance. Work with friends and people you like; otherwise, you won’t be successful in your career. Side Note: Not all of us can find an employer such as this. If not, take care of yourself and fund your own retirement and pay for your own insurance.
  4. Don’t ignore your body, mind and emotions. “If you have a healthy body, if you have good relationships emotionally and if you are a rested mind, you will make wise financial decisions.”
  5. Make other people successful, which is the best way to be successful yourself. “I found in my career that if I could make other people make money, I would make money, as well.” Side Note: I hope I have inspired many of my readers to either make more money, definitely save more money and/or make their money work for them and not the other way around.

Lastly, take a moment and do this guided meditation with Deepak Chopra. I did and I found it to be enlightening. It will force you to think about what you are most grateful for in your life today and if not, what measures can one take to improve their bottom line. Enjoy.