My husband and I are still reeling from the sudden and horrific death our dear dog suffered on March 31, 2021 (click here). It was unexpected to say the least. It was very un-prepared for. We never could have expected such an unfortunate disaster. But there it was. Unknown to us and her lifelong vet, she had a tumor growing on her heart and it just burst. Within minutes our dear pet was dead. A rapid death like this isn’t contained just to our pets. Humans die of the same thing each and every day.

To say that experiencing a sudden death like this to a family member (dogs are considered family members and rightly so) causes one to pause, to reflect and to think: what if this happens to me or my loved one? What do I do? How do I prepare? The answers to these questions were answered for us by our dog. She lived each and every day happy and content. She enjoyed every moment. You might say that was easy for our dog to do since we provided everything to and for her. Maybe so. In any event, she lived each and every day to its fullest. And perhaps that’s what we humans are supposed to do? We’re given that day and we should enjoy it without worry.

I’ve been having a difficult time, however, when it comes to my belief in God. How could a spiritual entity, such as God, do something so dastardly and horrific to my husband and I? I didn’t know that God could be so mean and so destructive. If you are a believer and under the guidance of our great Lord, how could He do something so evil? I know the devil didn’t do this to us. No. This was a direct hit from God. It has shaken my core beliefs so much that I can’t even believe there really is a God who watches over me and guides me. How could I have been so mistaken?

Yet, in all of this, I know there is a lesson. A lesson to be learned and obeyed. The lesson is that none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. We only have today and who knows how long our today will last. And how have I been spending my days lately? In constant fret and worry. There’s nothing I can do about the outside world. There’s also nothing I can do about my inside world. I technically have no control over anything. Yes, we should prepare for a tomorrow but what if that tomorrow never comes? I will have wasted precious, precious time fretting over something that never materializes.

My dog Chloey says it all in this video: Here she is playfully running about, in the rain, enjoying the puddles, picking up a tree branch and being her happy-go-lucky self. The rain didn’t stop her. The puddles didn’t hinder her. A fallen tree branch was good enough to play with and enjoy.

The death of my dog has changed my life. Forever. I realize the futility of the many things that used to cause me stress. Well, no more! I have tossed them all aside. I have spent too much of my time fretting over money. The truth is, we have enough. We’ve been doing the right thing. We’re mindful of our income, our spending, our savings. The time is right, to say ‘ENOUGH!’ The time has come for me to put down my spreadsheets, stifle my complaints and just tune out all the noise and simply enjoy my life. Ditto for hubby. He wants to rush out and adopt another dog pronto. I want to hold off on that for a while. I need to recover. I need some space. I want to do things just for myself now. And that means I want less responsibility. More travel. More enjoyment of life.

Life is short. Very short. Hubby and I want our own time now to run in the rain, prance over puddles, stop and pick up tree branches and just be content with what we already have. The rat race is now officially over. We’ve slowed down our lives. We’ve turned off the daily news, disconnected from social media and any other negative vibe that can cause one to fret. For what is the purpose? We can’t change anything. We have no control over things that we thought mattered.

We were looking forward to all four of us RVing together this summer (me, hubby, Chloey and our little puppy). Now, there will only be three. We’ll be hitting the road soon enough with a different mindset and purpose. Life is to be enjoyed and treasured. Chloey would have insisted that we continue on our journey and not have anything hinder our remaining retirement days. We will honor this last painful lesson she showed us.

And so it goes.