With many RV parks and national Parks closing down due to Covid-19, a new way to RV has become a travelers dream. It’s called ‘moochdocking’. Moochdocking is generally known as camping on a friends or family members driveway. In many cases, an extension cord and hose are run from the home to connect make-shift hookups to the rig. Hubs and I recently were invited to camp out on a friends parcel located along the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Our friend had purchased five acres a year ago and simply managed just to etch out a driveway and electrical service on his property. This was our first time moochdocking and it was a new camping experience for us for sure! Our friend was able to supply us with ample electricity. Water and sewage however, was a big problem. He was able to pump out some well water for us but absolutely no sewage. This limited our time together but nonetheless, we managed to have a great time catching up with our old RV friend.

We parked our RV directly opposite our friends RV, opened up our awnings and created a comfy, safe-distance space where we could just sit outside of our RVs and simply chat. As a thank-you for our friends hospitality, hubby made all of our meals. Breakfasts were big and included scrambles eggs, bacon, home fries and a side of pancakes with pure maple syrup. Lunch was either hamburgers or Maryland crab cakes. Dinners were either pulled-pork sandwiches or BBQd chicken with a side of beans. We did make it to downtown BUT most businesses were either still closed or wouldn’t let us in with our lapdog (which BTW, we won’t go anywhere now without her!) I’ve got a photo included of what our rambunctious puppy looked like at the end of the day: matted, tired and she fell asleep anywhere!

We stayed with our friend for a while but in all honesty, without a full hookup (electricity, running water and sewer) we just weren’t comfortable. (we like to take long hot showers at night before we go to bed. can’t do that moochdocking) Later on we trekked up to Annapolis, found a gorgeous 91 acre RV park and booked a site there (with full hook-ups, of course) for two nights. The place wasn’t cheap because it was near Washington DC. Prices per night were $86. However, I had a membership to the chain (KOA) and got a 10% discount ($17.20) and I had reward points ($10) so we were able to lower the 2 night stay to $145 vs $172. Round trip gas came to $149. We had two meals out (Popeyes @$11.72 and Chick-fil-A @$21.55). We bought our friend 6 of his favorite Maryland crab cakes @$30.00. Total cost for us for a 4 day mini-vacation came to $357.27. (we don’t count the regular food we cooked for our daily meals because that expense comes out of our monthly food budget. no matter where we are, the eating is the same!)

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