The world has changed. Not for the better, I am sorry to say. The world is filled with hate (which grows stronger and stronger with each and every day). The world is filled with lies. Ask yourself: do you believe anything that you see and hear nowadays? Do you believe the press? The news? Anything that spews out of the governments mouth? The world is filled with so much misinformation it has become difficult to know what is good and right anymore. What is real and what is false? Does anyone know?

Is there any difference from what we see daily on the evening news from any of the top TV shows? Isn’t it ironic that network television shows, such as Chicago P.D and FBI: Most Wanted closely resembles what we see and hear on the cable news broadcasts? How are We The People supposed to know the difference between what is real and what is fantasy? Apparently, nothing is fantasy anymore. Everything is real. There is no escape anymore. Most everything in the world today is depicted as violence. Images of guns, ammo, shootings, killings, death, protests, hatred and destruction fill our world. And then we wonder why, on the evening news, we hear about 19 year olds killing almost every one of their co-workers over disputes at the workplace. Why wouldn’t we? How is anyone supposed to know or learn the proper way to deal with other human beings, in this world, when all they see is hatred, death and destruction?

It’s called propaganda and its rearing its ugly head for a reason. It’s been a proven means of how to control the masses. And you and I fall for it each and every day. Here’s a famous quote from one of the most famous people on this planet who specialized in propaganda. See if you can recognize him:

Do you believe it when you’re told inflation is being held at bay and it’s not really anything to be worried about? Do you believe the fact that gas prices really didn’t start to rise when the government shut down the pipeline? The rise in the price of gas is really due to people traveling more? Do you believe that statement? Do you believe that the pandemic is really out of control? Do you believe that there really are variants we should be terrified of? Do you believe the economy is on an upswing? Despite knowing that there are still millions and millions of people who have permanently lost their jobs because their jobs are NEVER coming back? Do you really believe that America is a bad country? A racist country? A country fill with hatred and dread? Do you believe this country really has the immigrant crisis under control?

Use your common sense. You still have it. Look around you and come to your own conclusions. Whatever result you think of will probably be more accurate than what you hear on the evening news. America has a dark cloud descending over it as she nears closer and closer to socialism. Never mind that every single other country who embraced socialism died under it’s falsehoods. Socialism doesn’t work. Capitalism does. That’s how America got the Covid vaccine as fast as it did. Making billions of dollars was the impetus. Look at other socialistic countries, such as Canada, India or Italy. Their people are dying of covid while both America and Great Britain have the needed vaccines because they were able to produce them themselves. They had the money and the capital to save themselves. Should we really believe that the Johnson & Jonson’s vaccine doesn’t work? Ditto for the Astra Zeneca? How else to control the masses then by keeping them locked-up in fear and paranoia?

Why is the government helping renters stay in their rental units free of charge, while the homeowners go bankrupt? We all know that home ownership is usually the only path for America’s middle class to accumulate wealth. By destroying the homeowner or the landlord, the government controls its people by eroding their wealth. Money is power. By taking away people’s money the government takes away people’s power. Inflation is really a tax. It’s how the government controls its people by taking away their wealth, their money, their power and reducing them to benefit beggar’s (socialism).

The housing crisis in existence now is NOT the same as the housing crisis in 2008. Back then people were buying houses in anticipation to flip them and make a profit. Today, people want houses (preferably with some land around it) to live in for safety reasons. Period. Life in cities has become more dangerous with each passing day. Unfortunately, there is a housing shortage. Why? Due to the high demand, and the inflationary rising costs of materials used in building homes, more housing can not be built. So, home buyers go into bidding wars for whatever domicile is still left on the market.

I’ve stopped listening to any mass media news outlets, whether broadcast or cable. Instead, I listen to the BBC News on PBS each night. At least the BBC News reports on America are just factual without prejudice. I also have stopped watching broadcast television and current broadcast shows and episodes. Instead, via antenna, I watch television shows from the 1970s and beyond on digital outlay. Thanks to MeTV, Decades, Cosi and other free original broadcasts, I am watching shows like Petticoat Junction, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Sanford and Son, The Ed Sullivan Show, Mayberry RFD, Gomer Pyle, Charlie’s Angles, The Nanny, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Perry Mason, The Jeffersons, Good Times, etc and remembering America as it used to be: with good winning over evil, respect for our neighbors and our friends, correct judgments being made and correct lessons in life being learned.

Save yourself a whole lot of money and quit streaming and cable. Buy a digital antenna ($25) and start watching real TV and remember how America used to be. It’ll restore your hope and belief that the world used to be a good place to live. Now? I’d be very concerned.

Pay attention to what is going on in the rest of the world, not just America. See what’s happening, for real. Pay attention. Take mental notes. The upcoming depression is going to be the worst that any one of us have ever seen in our lifetimes. You don’t have to believe me. You will feel it.

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